LOOK: Pittsburgh Newspaper Sticker Hilariously Ruins Ben Roethlisberger Tribute

by Jonathan Howard

When an end to an era comes around, there is some fanfare. So, of course, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette put together a special Ben Roethlisberger cover.

Despite trying to make a sincere and memorable headline and front page, it just didn’t land. It looks like the flood of advertisements in newspapers has once again come to rear its ugly head. This front-page celebration would have been perfect. If it wasn’t for a little sticker ad on the top left corner.

Pittsburgh sportswriter, Sean Gentille was able to get a great picture showing exactly where the Post-Gazette went wrong. Who knows what message the people of Pittsburgh are sending with this one. Check out the tweet below and see for yourself.

Could they be thanking Big Ben? Or giving him a four-letter word we all know so well? Of course, the front page was meant to be a tribute. After 17 years with the Steelers, it is fitting that the city honor their quarterback. It’s also a little premature. Roethlisberger has not really discussed his retirement…yet. However, it is expected that this will be his last season.

In fact, Big Ben and the Steelers suit up tonight for Monday Night Football. They face the Cleveland Browns. This is a must-win game for both organizations. Let’s just agree that maybe next time, we wait for the official announcement. And, if we can’t wait for the official announcement before making a front-page honorific for someone, let’s keep the sticker advertisements off of them, please.

Hey, at the end of the day, would Ben Roethlisberger prefer the unfortunate accident in the post above or this iconic picture that has been laughed at by so many over the years?

Ben Roethlisberger Will Try to Will Steelers to Playoffs

Right now, only one team in the AFC North has clinched a playoff spot. That is the division winners, the Cincinnati Bengals. For the Browns and the Steelers, tonight’s Monday Night Football game means a lot more than usual.

At this point in the season, Ben Roethlisberger and company are 7-7-1. They are just half a game better than the Browns who sit at 7-8. Now, there is a wildcard spot up for grabs. However, there isn’t a clear path for Pittsburgh to actually make the playoffs.

Their chances have gotten worse as other games have been played. The teams they needed to lose didn’t and now, it will take just short of a miracle to clinch a spot. Of course, they need to win their game today. That’s first and foremost. However, they will play their bitter rivals the Baltimore Ravens next week. That game must also be a win for the Steelers.

Then, Ben Roethlisberger just needs a couple of things to happen. The Indianapolis Colts have to lose and the Raiders or Chargers have to win their games. That puts Pittsburgh into the playoff picture. However, with the Colts taking on the Jaguars, that is not looking so likely.