WATCH: Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout Discusses ‘Legendary Fantasy Football League’ During Game Broadcast

by Patrick Norton

Tim Kurkjian’s segment on recently-fired Joe Maddon’s drastic hairdo somehow wasn’t the only wacky story to pop up during ESPN’s telecast of Sunday Night Baseball between the Los Angeles Angels and the New York Mets. During the bottom half of the fourth inning, ESPN mic’d up Angels superstar centerfielder Mike Trout to talk baseball, life… and fantasy football.

The 30-year-old found himself dragged into a fantasy football debacle that publicly culminated in Cincinnati Reds utility-man Tommy Pham slapping San Francisco Giants outfielder Joc Pederson on the diamond before a game two weeks ago.

Pham received a three-game suspension for his actions, and upon returning to the Cincinnati clubhouse, the journeyman joked, “Trout’s the worst commissioner in fantasy sports”. Trout’s response received a light-hearted laugh; the superstar stating, “all commissioners get booed”.

The discourse stems from Pederson’s alleged abuse of the injured-reserve slot on his roster, dedicated to harboring long-term injured players. However, league settings allowed the two-time defending World Series champion outfielder to use the spot to stash players without an official injury designation.

Pederson played his best defense in years when the lefty power bat opted to provide full context of the disagreement with Pham, including an allegation that Pham had partaken in similar ploys to maximize roster space.

On Sunday night, Mike Trout – who acts as commissioner of the league featuring several prominent MLB stars – jokingly defended his role in the story, as well as disclosed the league’s champion in conversation with ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast booth:

Bigger Selling Point: Commissioner Mike Trout or Champion Alex Bregman?

Alex Bregman’s most notable accomplishments include winning the 2017 World Series with the Houston Astros and avoiding punishment for his involvement in Houston’s extensive sign-stealing scandal.

Now, the two-time All-Star third baseman can add “Champion of The Most Legendary Fantasy Football League” to his resumé. Meanwhile, the story of the football-fueled slap continues to bizarrely captivate a football-starved audience with a nifty baseball spin. ESPN’s Eduardo Perez mentioned in the video with Trout that Bregman’s mic’d up next Sunday, so the story’s not yet finished.

As for last night’s interviewee, Trout teased he had “something brewing” for next football season, but without spoiling anything, offered that he’d likely relinquish his duties as commissioner for future seasons.