Los Angeles Chargers Host Wounded Police Officers at Preseason Game

by Nick Geddes

The Los Angeles Chargers hosted the Dallas Cowboys Saturday night with a group of wounded police officers watching on.

The Chargers partnered with The Wounded Blue, an organization created to improve the lives of injured and disabled law enforcement. The group of officers participated in team festivities before kickoff and during halftime of the Cowboys’ 32-18 victory.

Two wounded officers, California Highway Patrol officer Juan Reyes and San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputy Marcus Mason, took part in the pregame festivities. Per Fox News, Reyes was shot six times during an incident in Studio City, while Mason was wounded in an additional shooting. Together, the two fired the “Heroes Cannon” to begin the game.

During halftime, Mason was joined by The Wounded Blue founder Lt. Randy Sutton and former Pennsylvania Highway Patrol officer Bob Bemis. Bemis is paralyzed and in a wheelchair after being attacked while on duty. He got the opportunity to blast the “Thunder Siren,” which plays when the Chargers score a touchdown at SoFi Stadium.

The Wounded Blue Honored to Be in Attendance at Los Angeles Chargers Game

In a news release, Sutton said it was an honor to be hosted by the Chargers. He continued by pointing out how common it is for officers to be attacked during the line of duty.

“We are honored by the Chargers’ support of America’s wounded officers,” Sutton said. “More than 120,000 officers* have been attacked in the line of duty overt he last 2 years. Too often, America’s law enforcement are severely wounded and left to fend for themselves, as 85% of departments don’t have the resources to deal with the long-term issues they face with their injuries. PTSD and suicide are also at an historic high. Recognizing these officers and providing peer support for them is critical to their recovery.”

The Chargers encouraged fans to text CHARGERS to 877-801-0911 to donate to The Wounded Blue.