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Los Angeles Lakers Star Anthony Davis Stuns Fans With ‘Disgusting’ Act on the Bench

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

Perhaps an NBA game isn’t the best time to groom oneself. Especially if you’re an NBA athlete playing in said game. Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis had some fans rather grossed out during their matchup against the Phoenix Suns.

Davis took some downtime during the game to clip his toenails from the bench. Now, a picture of the NBA athlete’s feet is circling the internet. And people on social media are all asking, “WHAT are those?”

Several of the Lakers hopeful are now questioning whether Davis is the right fit for the team, given his lack of bench decorum. One passionate fan jokingly suggested the NBA put Davis in basketball jail with a 40 game suspension. So far Davis nor the NBA have responded to the image. And the worst, Davis is probably facing an ingrown toenail.

Anthony Davis Signs New Deal with Lakers

Anthony Davis is certainly not going anywhere, anytime soon. The NBA star just signed a very lucrative deal with the Lakers that will have him strolling all the way to the bank. The team is paying Davis $190 million for five more years. The seven-time All-Star is accident proofing his future. Considering Davis’ history of injuries isn’t the worst idea.

“That could have been a two-year, three-year deal,” Davis told the New York Post. “[But] I have to think about, also, the reality of things, too. I do have a little history with injuries, and a two-year deal, you kind of bet on yourself. … God forbid, knock on wood, something happens.”

During the 2019-20 season, Davis and fellow player LeBron James formed a dream team of sorts. The duo took their team all the way to the championship and defeated the Miami Heat. Davis played 62 games last season but experienced shoulder, tailbone, and later ankle injuries. This isn’t a new story for Davis. While with the New Orleans Pelicans, he missed 108 of 574 games due to various injuries.

“I want to secure the most amount of years possible and be here long term with this team, so I thought the five-year deal was best for me in my situation,” he said.

It is unknown if Pelicans’ fans tolerated Davis’ toe-clipping antics. But he’s definitely become the source of conversation at the Lakers.