Los Angeles Rams Quarterback Matthew Stafford Throws on First Day of Team’s Training Camp

by Patrick Norton

Breathe easy, Rams fans. Matthew Stafford is finally throwing footballs again. After an offseason injection in his throwing elbow, Stafford hadn’t participated in certain exercises. But for the first time since a victorious Super Bowl LVI, Stafford is throwing in a Los Angeles Rams jersey.

The defending champions reported for training camp over the weekend with the first practice taking place on Sunday. While Stafford did attend offseason exercises and mandatory minicamp, the quarterback restrained from doing any moves related to his elbow.

But on Sunday, the quarterback said, “It feels good to get out there, just knock some rust off it a little bit, stress it and see how it reacts.” The quarterback appears fully healthy and ready to jump into the swing of things.

Title defense begins and ends with the quarterback position. While the team around Stafford improved vastly over the course of the 2021 season, without the quarterback’s presence, the February celebration doesn’t exist. Trading two first-round picks and Jared Goff for Stafford immediately put Los Angeles atop the NFL’s list of contenders.

Head coach Sean McVay absolutely recognizes the importance of the health in his starter, saying, “We will continue to build him up. We’re aware of what that pitch count is. But it didn’t restrict him from being able to do anything today.”

Matthew Stafford’s Big Week Continues

Back in the fold throwing a football following an offseason of rest and rehab, Stafford is onto more important ventures. The former Detroit Lions quarterback is joining Instagram. After receiving the heaviest carat weight championship ring of all time, Stafford posted his inaugural photo on the app. However, the quarterback unintentionally cropped out his better half, leading to quite the response from his wife, Kelly.

But it’s all fun and games for the Rams heading into the 2022 NFL season. Loose and with the weight of potentially missing a Super Bowl window alleviated, Los Angeles is a popular pick to return to the Super Bowl next season. With a talent-loaded roster and a healthy Matthew Stafford, a repeat is certainly possible.