LSU Corner Sevyn Banks Carted Off Field After Serious Injury on Opening Kickoff of Auburn Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Langley/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

With all of the college football and NFL world focused on nasty hits to the head, Sevyn Banks of LSU goes down after a rough play. Banks would be put on a stretcher and carted off the field. He was also called for targeting on the play. Players looked worried as medical personnel worked on him.

The injury happened during the opening kickoff. Refs say that Sevyn Banks hit the return man with the crown of his helmet on the tackle. It shows that it isnโ€™t just the offensive player that can get hurt during these plays.

The defensive player was more than shaken up on the play. We will be waiting for more updates.

Sevyn Banks Injured on Opening Kickoff

It seemed like even the Auburn fans were a little upset about the penalty being added at the end. However, when targeting occurs the refs have to at least look at it. A penalty is a penalty. Sevyn Banks was a talented player out of high school that originally played at Ohio State.

After transferring to LSU he made a bit of a change to his game and was having a good season so far. This was tough to see. No one wants to see any kind of injury happen on the field but when itโ€™s an apparent head or neck injury it makes it all the more serious.

In his career, the cornerback has 47 tackles and 2 interceptions. He has returned one of those for a touchdown. He spent four seasons at Ohio State University before transferring to LSU for this season. Sevyn Banks was a four-star recruit out of high school. The Tigers will be hoping to get their defensive veteran back when they can.

Iโ€™m sure that the coaches, players, and fans are more worried about hearing a good update. So far, we know he has movement in his extremities.

It is clear that the LSU players were a little shaken up by this whole situation. They have come out a bit flat since that play and it could be a tough night for the Tigers. Time will tell if LSU is able to bounce back after this and if they can keep up with the home team Auburn Tigers.