LSU Fans Drink Rose Bowl Out of All Its Beer Before Kick-Off During Game Day

by John Jamison

LSU fans had a rough go of it in Los Angeles on Saturday. Not only did Coach O’s Tigers fall to UCLA 27-38 to start their season with a loss, but the fans weren’t able to console themselves with a beer in the final minutes of the game. In fact, at least one section of the Rose Bowl was apparently cleaned out of beer before the game even began. A football game. With no beer. What’s the world coming to?

Now, there’s some justification for the beer drought experienced by the section of LSU fans who needed it most. Whether or not they’re good reasons is up to you. For one, the Rose Bowl has historically not sold alcohol during regular season UCLA play. And that’s par for the course considering neighboring school USC’s continuing no alcohol policy at the Coliseum.

Per the Los Angeles Times, UCLA previously cited concerns about fan behavior. Not an unusual approach, given a little less than half of all FBS schools take the same tack. But a month ago, they announced that the Rose Bowl would finally permit the sale of alcoholic beverages during games.

It’s entirely possible that the stadium hadn’t stocked up promptly. Not much of an excuse. But hey, they’re not used to selling beer.

Second, LSU is far from innocent in this regard. Their fans have a history of drinking stadiums dry. Saturday Down South reports an occasion from 2019 when Vanderbilt Stadium in Nashville completely ran out of beer to offer the thirsty fans. And that was during a good season for LSU. An LSU alum summed it up perfectly in a warning he gave to bartenders in Atlanta before the SEC Championship.

“However much you think you need, double it. And maybe you’ll have enough,” he said, per The Wall Street Journal.

Coach O’s Viral Moment Before UCLA Game Will Live in Infamy

Ed Orgeron, the head coach of LSU’s football program, is a borderline mythic figure. The Louisiana native is arguably the best possible representation for LSU football. Whether or not he’s the best man for the job itself is a question increasingly plaguing the minds of LSU boosters and fans alike. But it’s hard to put words to that, considering he delivered the school a national championship in 2019.

Regardless, Coach O is a man of the people. He’s fun, clearly passionate about football, and we could listen to him say “Go Tigers!” all day. Perhaps no better example of this is the exchange he had ahead of yesterday’s game at UCLA.

Around the time LSU fans realized there was no more beer, Coach O was making his way into the Rose Bowl. A UCLA fan yelled down at him.

“We’re going to beat you guys,” he said. Coach O wasn’t having it and quickly fired back.

“Bring your a** on in your little sissy blue shirt!” Orgeron replied.

Well, UCLA brought their a**es on. The LSU loss completely changes the tenor of what could have been a legendary viral moment. Now, the behavior may be cited as something that distinguishes Orgeron from coaches like Nick Saban. And not in a good way.