WATCH: LSU Football Assistant Coach Ike Brown Shows Off Insane Workout Technique

by Patrick Norton

What does leaving the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for a role as an assistant strength coach in the NCAA mean for LSU’s Ike Brown? Apparently, it just means more … wrist strength.

Footage from the LSU weight room captures the assistant lifting his body from a prone position using a clenched fist, but with the pressure on his wrist. Why? I don’t know. But that isn’t stopping spectators on social media from chiming in on the video.

Reactions to the clip range from amazement to disgust. One Twitter user exclaims, “a regular person would snap their wrist”. Another fan inquires on the coach’s marital status, stating, “I’m looking for a ring”.

A former Tiger-Cats teammate of Ike Brown’s jokingly suggests the coach is in the best shape of his life.

The reaction of the viewers on Twitter echoes the sounds of the players in the room with Brown. One Tiger in the background shouts, “OH my God. Oh my God”.

It’s a remarkable feat physically, but the mental capability to pull off the stunt is just as awe inspiring.

Ike Brown Embodies What Separates The Boys from The SEC

Brown’s sheer strength is one thing, but it’s the ability to intimidate everybody in the room from a fairly compromising position that makes him a true SEC coach.

Nothing about Brown’s mentality is a sham. Teammates loved him in the locker room and on the field. Brown’s hire is emblematic of LSU head coach Brian Kelly’s desire to build a genuine, authentically tough program in Baton Rouge.

No funny business. Nothing fake. No “southern imitations in front of the home crowd of your first day on the job” type behavior. It’s a great night to be a Tiger – unless you’re Brian Kelly and you’ve just introduced yourself to a student-section using an accent you’ve never had before that night.

The moment from seven months ago lives in infamy. And unlike the good graces Ed Orgeron built with a College Football Playoff Championship three seasons ago, this clip won’t wither away any time soon.