LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron Opens Up About Parting Ways with Team

by Leanne Stahulak

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron announced his separation from the school during a press conference yesterday. He also spoke on the moment he knew that his time as head coach had come to an end.

According to Saturday Down South, it wasn’t last year’s 5-5 abbreviated season that clued Orgeron in. It was the Tigers’ loss to the Kentucky Wildcats earlier this year, six weeks into the season. LSU had just lost a rough game to Auburn 24-19. Then on Oct. 6, LSU traveled to Lexington to get a 42-21 beating from the Wildcats.

LSU’s athletic director, Scott Woodward, came to talk to Ed Orgeron right after the game.

“After he came and talked to me after the Kentucky game, I knew it was time,” Orgeron said in a Sunday, Oct. 17 press conference. “I understood the expectations at LSU, and after the Kentucky game, we were heading down a road that wasn’t positive for LSU. And there was going to be a change made. I just felt that.”

Orgeron will finish out the 2021 season but not return next fall. As part of the negotiations, LSU will pay the head coach the remaining $16.95 million left on his contract.

Per ESPN, Woodward and the school made the decision to remove Orgeron before the Tigers beat Florida in an upset game on Saturday, Oct. 16. The Tigers might be 4-3 this season and 9-8 overall for the last two years, but that record doesn’t cut it for the school.

Sports Illustrated writer Ross Dellenger called this move “historic and unprecedented,” given that Ed Orgeron led LSU to a National Championship title just 21 months ago. Bur Dellenger exposed off-field conflicts as well that contributed to Orgeron’s hasty departure. Including a Title IX lawsuit and poor locker room behavior.

LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron Calls His Time With the School ‘A Great Run’

During Sunday’s press conference, Ed Orgeron didn’t diminish the six seasons he spent with the team. In fact, he said, “It was a great run if you ask me.”

He knows he made mistakes with the team, but he also created something phenomenal during their undefeated 2019 season.

“The last couple of years are not the standard of LSU,” Orgeron said. “But I have no regrets. I know I went to work as hard as I could every day, tried as hard as I could every day, and that’s all you can ask.”

No matter how far the LSU Tigers go this fall, Orgeron will stick with them through it all.

“We’re going to finish,” he said. “We’re not going to blink. I’m going to be right there with them. That’s the reason, Scott and I mutually agreed, that I’m going to finish with this team.”

Now, he’s ready to gear up for next week’s match. “I’m glad we got this out the way so tomorrow we can focus on Ole Miss,” he concluded.