LSU’s Coach Orgeron Owns Trash-Talking Fan While Entering Stadium in Hilarious Viral Clip

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

If you were smart, you wouldn’t mess around with the head coach of the LSU Tigers, Ed Orgeron. But there are some college football fans out there who had a lapse in judgment thinking it’d be a good idea to trash talk coach O.

Coach Orgeron was making his way into Rose Bowl Stadium where his Tigers were set to play the UCLA Bruins on Saturday. That was when one bold Bruins fan yelled down some trash talk to the national champion head coach. He can’t be seen in the video, but he can be heard telling Orgeron that UCLA was about to beat LSU.

“We’re going to beat you guys,” the UCLA fan exclaimed.

Now, this was the first game of the year for the Tigers. But the showdown in Pasadena would be the second of the season for the Bruins. They first beat up on the University of Hawaii in their season-opening game. But Coach O is not a man who is known to back down. He was quick to fire back with a little trash talk of his own.

“Bring your a— on in your little sissy blue shirt!” Orgeron can be heard saying in the clip.

Take a look down below:

The viral video has already gotten more than 1.2 million views since being posted.

“Coach O with the zingerrrrr,” one fan commented. “Clearly filled his morning coffee with a few shovels full of gravel again.”

LSU Struggles in the First Half Against UCLA

It turns out that maybe that bold UCLA fan may have been right. Coach Orgeron and his LSU Tigers were down 14-10 going into halftime on Saturday night. It most certainly was not the start that we were all expecting from the usually dominant Tigers.

Now, no one really predicted that LSU would run away against UCLA in some kind of blowout. But with that said, just about everyone — albeit except for the one confident, trash-talking UCLA fan — thought that LSU would have the lead going into the break.

But it has been an ongoing chess match so far between the two teams and their unique styles of play. Both teams have worked to play to their strengths, but at the time of this writing, it’s the Bruins who have broken off more big plays, giving them the lead.

Despite all of that, the Tigers have returned almost everyone on the team who started on offense last year. So they have the experience to mount a comeback as long as they can play mistake-free football in the second half.

We’ll see which team — and better yet which trash talker — will have the last laugh in the end.