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Luke Bryan Gets ‘Pretty Nutty’ With Tim Tebow’s Heisman Trophy on Florida-Georgia Gameday

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Luke Bryan gets “pretty nutty” with Tim Tebow’s Heisman Trophy before the Florida-Georgia college football game. The rivalry between the two continues to get heated.

The country singer upped his game after Tebow used Bryan’s CMA Entertainer of the Year Award as a coffee stirrer. Bryan responded in kind by slathering peanut butter on Tebow’s Heisman. Bryan allowed an English Bulldog, the mascot for Georgia, to eat the peanut butter off the trophy.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. It’s Georgia-Florida week,” Bryan said. “Hi Tim, upping my game a little bit. You know what’s grown in Georgia? Peanuts. We make a lot of peanut butter, delicious peanut butter. I love peanut butter. You know who especially loves peanut butter? English bulldogs.”

The country singer also posted a video of him using the Heisman as a towel rack after taking a shower or cleaning dishes. Bryan seems to be having a bit of fun at Tebow’s expense.

Luke Bryan Started the Rivalry by Dressing the Heisman in Georgia Gear

Bryan acquired Tebow’s trophy after a charity auction. The athlete donated his award for six months to the Bryan household for charity. Tebow dropped the Heisman off a week before the big college football game. Bryan, whose a Georgia fan, trash-talked the former Florida Gators’ quarterback.

He dressed the Heisman in a Georgia hoodie and also used the trophy to “curse” the Gators team.

In response, Tebow “stole” Bryan’s Entertainer of the Year award. The athlete had his own fun dressing the award in a miniature Gators jersey and helmet. He also used the award as a makeshift coffee stirrer for his morning brew.

“Guys, that’s all you got to do. The new rocket blender. Entertainer of the Month apparently,” Tebow said as he fixed the coffee.

Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. ET today (Nov. 7) in Jacksonville where the No. 8 Gators will face the No. 5 ranked Bulldogs.