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Mac Jones DM’s From High School Recruiting Reveal Star QB’s Journey To the Top

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Old Twitter messages from Alabama quarterback Mac Jones shows how insanely far the national champ has come over the past five years.

Jones led the Alabama Crimson Tide to a win over Ohio State in the national title Monday night. However, he wasn’t always a famous division-one quarterback.

As a matter of fact, Rivals’ Woody Wommack recently sent a tweet indicating just that. His post shows private messages from 2015 from the now-legendary Crimson Tide passer asking if somebody could make a recruiting profile for him.

“Hi 2017 The Bolles School QB here,” Jones says in his 2015 message. “6’2 175 and I was wondering if you could make or know anybody who can make a rivals profile for me.”

He continues saying, “I have visited several schools this off season including UF, UCF, Wake Forest and West Virginia. And I will be attending QB challenge in ATL.”

The messages went viral once SportsCenter got a hold of the screenshot. They posted it on their official page as well. You can check out the entire exchange below.

“Mac Jones went from DM’ing to get a recruiting page set up to winning the National Championship,” SportsCenter wrote on Twitter.

Mac Jones Leads Alabama to Another National Championship

If Monday night was Mac Jones’ final game with the Crimson Tide, he unquestionably went out with one of the best performances in national championship history. Jones threw for 464 yards and five touchdowns on 36-of-45 passing during Alabama’s 52-24 win over Ohio State on Monday night. The game was a perfect ending to a perfect season for the Crimson Tide.

“I’m just really proud of this team, from everybody, top-down, the coaches, players obviously, and the fans for sticking with us all year,” Jones said after the game. “We set this as a goal, to potentially be the greatest team to ever play. I think we made a valid statement in winning the national championship tonight. Who would have thought we would have won every game, all SEC schedule with everything going on. Then to finish off the last couple games the way we did, I’m just so proud of my teammates, the coaches, and everyone that supported us.”

Jones is currently projected to be a first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

It’s pretty remarkable how much Mac Jones has blown up over the past season. It was just last year when he came in as Tua Tagovailoa’s replacement after the current Miami Dolphins quarterback went down with a hip injury.

Now, a little more than a year later, Jones has successfully led Alabama to a national title. Five years ago, he was an unknown high school player that didn’t even have a recruiting profile on Rivals.

However, when it’s all said and done, there’s no doubt that Jones’ time under center in Tuscaloosa will be forever remembered among the best to ever do it for Nick Saban.