Mac Jones’ Girlfriend Caught Up in Taylor Swift Ticketmaster Debacle

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones’ girlfriend, Sophie Scott, is just like all of you — frustrated at Ticketmaster.

Scott found herself on the struggle bus Tuesday, just as millions did who hoped to secure a ticket to Taylor Swift‘s “The Era’s Tour.” The 2023 tour will feature three shows in Foxborough, Massachusetts, the first coming Friday, May 19. Scott shared her frustration with the ticket service on her Instagram story as she waited in an online queue with 2,000-plus fans in front of her.

“Ticketmaster was NOT my friend today :/,” Scott wrote. “Sat here and tried for 8 hours straight with a presale code and still never got a ticket.”

Tuesday’s presale resulted in a “historically unprecedented demand” for tickets to see the superstar entertainer. Fans with registered codes showed up in droves to purchase tickets once available, which Ticketmaster evidently wasn’t ready for. Within minutes, the site crashed as queues filled up. Ticketmaster moved the 10 a.m. PT presale to 3 p.m. PT and the promoted offer for Capital One cardholders was rescheduled to Wednesday.

Swift fans immediately stormed to Twitter to air out their frustrations in response.

“It’s honestly impressive how Ticketmaster has single handedly monopolized the live event industry for YEARS and yet they still can’t run a functioning website,” one Swift fan wrote on Twitter.

Another Swiftie claimed the process would have been easier if Chick-fil-A was running the show. Hard to disagree with that point.

“If Chick-fil-A was in charge of the Ticketmaster queue I would’ve had Taylor Swift tickets within MINUTES just saying,” another fan wrote.

Congress Weighs in on Ticketmaster, Taylor Swift Debacle

The Ticketmaster-Swift conversation found itself on centerstage, with congress members chiming in on the debacle. Most notably was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who blasted Ticketmaster on Twitter for monopolizing the ticket service industry.

“Daily reminder that Ticketmaster is a monopoly,” the Democratic congresswoman of New York wrote. “Its merger with LiveNation should never have been approved, and they need to be reigned in. Break them up.”