Major Fight Breaks Out Among Linemen at New York Giants NFL Training Camp

by Dustin Schutte

Another day of NFL training camp, another kerfuffle to break down. Or is it a brouhaha? However you want to describe it, the New York Giants are the latest team to succumb to in-fighting during a recent practice.

Tempers flaring during a training camp practice isn’t an uncommon occurrence. However, this incident with the Giants seemed to go to a new level. The dust-up included offensive lineman Shane Lemieux, defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence and defensive lineman Leonard Williams.

After Lemieux tackled Lawrence, Williams jumped in and pinned the offensive lineman to the ground. Teammates rushed to separate the parties and attempt to extinguish the fiery attitudes.

Dov Kleiman shared the video on Twitter. As you can tell, things got pretty intense:

These things happen all the time during training camp. It won’t be the end of the world for the Giants. Everyone is working extremely hard, hoping to either improve on last season or carve out a roster spot.

Nobody likes to see teammates fighting. Coaches probably love seeing that kind of intensity, though. It’s just a matter of controlling it a little better on the field.

The New York Giants Aren’t Alone

Remember how I said training camp scuffles aren’t uncommon? The New York Giants aren’t the first team to go through the drama this weekend. In Buffalo, Bills quarterback Josh Allen got into it with a defensive lineman.

Saturday, Allen appeared to take exception with defensive lineman Jordan Phillips giving him a shove after a play was blown dead. The two got face-to-face and a skirmish unfolded until the two were separated.

Credit Allen, who didn’t back down from the fight, despite giving up more than 100 pounds to Phillips.

The NFL season isn’t even here yet and we’re already seeing a ton of fireworks. Sure, it’s currently contained within each team’s training camp, but it’ll likely trickle into the regular season in some capacity.

It just gets us more fired up for the start of the season.