Man Breaks Up with Girlfriend Using Jumbotron at Baseball Game

by Samantha Whidden

As the old saying goes – some things are better to be done in private. Well, someone decided that a breakup was not one of those things. During the Thursday night game for Akron’s minor league baseball team RubberDucks, a man named Tim paid to have his breakup message on the stadium’s Jumbotron. “Alyssa, this relationship is OVER – Tim.”

Jack Haines, the Coordinator of Creative Service for the Akron RubberDucks Baseball Club, told Cleveland19 News, “Usually, they’re birthday shout-outs, congratulations, happy anniversary. And we got a breakup.”

Haines also said that baseball fans can pay $5 to purchase shout-outs to go on the scoreboard. He admitted that the breakup shout definitely caught him off guard. “Going through the list, going through the list then, What the heck?”

The coordinator further revealed to the media outlet how the other baseball fans reacted.

“The crowd went pretty crazy. They were loud. And from up in the press box, it’s hard to hear some of the sounds, and we heard it for sure.”

Jumbotron Breakup Goes Viral

Following the baseball game that featured the breakup Jumbotron message going viral, social media blew up with kinds of reactions. 

A Twitter user reacted to the viral breakup by tweeting, “Great — now every woman in a relationship in Akron will say “no thanks” when asked to go to a baseball game.”

Another Twitter user couldn’t believe that no one actually checked the Jumbotron messages. “How is it that you don’t check the msgs b4 they’re displayed??? It sounds like someone could post anything. A break up, a string of curse words, a dirty msg, a threat to someone and you guys just display it. If this isn’t true, allowing that post was in very bad taste. Boo Ducks!”

Another Twitter user adds, “I’m an optimist.  I’m gonna choose to believe that it’s either an inside joke or whatever is over is not a relationship but a good thing to be over.  I mean, no one could be that cruel, could they?”

The RubberDucks baseball team shared their own reaction to the Jumbotron breakup by tweeting a laughing GIF. 

Akron RubberDucks Baseball Sponsor Seeks to Help the Couple 

Haines also shared with Cleveland19 that the baseball team’s sponsor, Ohio Amish Country, is now seeking to help the now broken up couple to “rekindle” their romance. The sponsor is now offering Alyssa and Tim a free stay if they decide to come forward. 

The coordinator further explained that some baseball fans remain hopeful that the couple will return to another home game without any type of Jumbotron drama. “Maybe they made up, maybe Alyssa wants to get back at him. Who knows, we’ll see.”

The next home game for the RubberDucks baseball team is this Tuesday against the Altoona Curve.