Man Conor McGregor Punched in 2019 Speaks Out on Being Banned From MMA Superstar’s Bar

by Chris Haney

Recently, UFC star Conor McGregor bought the pub where he punched a man back in 2019. He then proceeded to ban the customer he assaulted from his newly purchased bar. Now, the man has spoken out about being banned from the establishment he frequented for the last 14 years.

Two years ago, the former UFC champion was drinking in the Marble Arch pub in Dublin, Ireland. McGregor offered a random patron at the bar a shot of Proper No. Twelve whiskey, which he owns. However, 50-year-old Des Keogh passed on the drink and the MMA fighter didn’t take kindly to the rejection. Cameras inside the bar captured McGregor punching Koegh square in the face before others intervened.

Fast forward two years and Keogh found out about the ban like everyone else: hearing about it in the news.

“I’m not really concerned because I probably wouldn’t be going back to it now. I wouldn’t be going back anyway, probably especially now. I wouldn’t want to be spending money in his pub to be honest,” Keogh told the Irish Mirror in an exclusive interview.

Although the Marble Arch was Keogh’s local pub where he drank with friends for the past 14 years, he’s taking the ban in stride. Keogh thought everything was in the past from the 2019 incident, but says being banned by Conor McGregor isn’t a big deal to him.

“I didn’t really make much of it. It’s no skin off my nose really. The fact that he was in the wrong you know, why blame me? It seems weird to me. It’s disingenuous,” he added. “The past is in the past. It’s all done and dusted two years ago this month. He had to go to court and he pleaded guilty.”

Conor McGregor Buys Pub, Immediately Bans Customer He Punched

Conor McGregor made headlines last week for purchasing the bar where he infamously assaulted a patron back in 2019. Of course, in true McGregor fashion, the fighter immediately banned the customer from ever stepping foot in the pub again. He even confirmed barring Keogh from the pub in a tweet about the fighter buying the establishment.

It may seem extremely petty to most since McGregor was the aggressor in the 2019 altercation. But the move to ban the pub customer is pretty much on-brand for McGregor’s typical antics. According to the Daily Mail, the Marble Arch pub reportedly cost him £2 million (around $2.77 million) to purchase the Dublin establishment. Although he likely wouldn’t admit it, that’s an expensive way to spite someone for something that’s your own fault.

“The Notorious” bought the bar to add to his growing portfolio. As one of the two highest paid fighters in UFC history, he has plenty of money to invest. It’s the second property he’s bought in the area to add to his existing liquor business, Proper No. Twelve whiskey. Yet on the surface, McGregor’s pub investment appears to be more about sticking it to Des Keogh than making a profit.