March Madness 2022: Arkansas Cheerleader Rescues Ball Stuck on Top of the Basket

by Jonathan Howard

March Madness is a wonderful time of year. Thank goodness for this Arkansas cheerleader who went up and got the ball off the basket. When a ball gets stuck up on the backboard, leave the broomsticks alone. Don’t send a player up there to get it either, don’t want anyone to get hurt. Just bring in the professionals and get it done the right way.

Arkansas and Duke are battling it out in the Elite Eight. After a shot went a little wild, bouncing off the rim and onto the top of the backboard, everyone in the stadium knew what to do. We saw it with the Indiana Hoosiers earlier this month during the first few games.

Now we got to see some elite work from the Arkansas cheerleader as she rescued the ball from the basket. This is what March Madness is all about, random but memorable moments. Showcasing the best of college athletics. Check out the video below.

Now, Duke has been firmly in control of this game. They have maintained a solid lead and just look better than their opponent. This is the NCAA Tournament though, so that could all change within minutes. However, Razorback fans had something extra to cheer about. So, who did it better? Arkansas or Indiana?

Arkansas is hoping to do better than Indiana did in that game. While the Hoosiers took home the First Four win against Wyoming, Saint Mary’s was too much for them. A 29-point loss followed. This Duke team looks locked in and will be a tall task for the Razorbacks.

Arkansas Cheerleader Gets the Assist on the Basket and a Graphic

The team running the TBS broadcast really knows their stuff by the way. And, they are quick with the graphics, that’s for sure. After yet another “cheerleader assist” they had to throw something up there to celebrate the hard work from these athletes. It isn’t often that the folks on the sidelines get so much attention during a game. However, they deserve it for being there game in and game out just like everyone else on that court. Count those assists!

Is there something about teams that wear red and getting the basketball stuck on the basket? Or, is it that their cheerleaders are ready to help out any time? Whatever it is, we can all agree it is fun and entertaining at the very least. Is there any chance this happens in the Final Four?

There is no other sporting event like March Madness. The tournament is truly one-of-a-kind and the single-game elimination aspect of it makes it so special. You never know when a story like Saint Peter’s is going to come by and shake things up.