March Madness: Matthew McConaughey Says ‘Lets Ride’ as His Texas Longhorns Take Down Virginia Tech

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

While some teams have been facing heartbreak this March Madness, Matthew McConaughey is saying “Let’s ride,” to his Longhorns. As the number one fan of Texas, McConaughey is always ready to cheer for any occasion. He was able to celebrate the women’s hoops team winning the Big 12 tournament. Now, he’s celebrating this first-round win for the men.

Virginia Tech isn’t a slouchy team. While they weren’t a high seed, they ran the table for the ACC tournament before the big dance started. This was an impressive win from the 6-seed Longhorns and they got it done with some help from all over the roster.

The actor let his language get a little NSFW, but when it comes to the tournament, you say how you feel.

Now, March Madness is treating Matthew McConaughey and Longhorns fans pretty well so far. A lot better than it is treating the Kentucky Wildcats and poor fans like me. Don’t feel too bad for this Kentucky boy though, Outsiders. I graduated from Murray State, so my Racers are keeping my hopes alive.

Of course, McConaughey will use any chance, let alone a postseason win, to cheer on his Longhorns in public. He has all the pride and all of the commitment that any other diehard fan would have. He gave a little pep talk to the Horns before they started out in the tourney. Perhaps that extra motivation helped carry them to an 81-73 win over the Hokies.

This win came down to two things, defense and the starting five of Texas. The Longhorns forced 13 turnovers and came away with 9 steals against Virginia Tech. They were at a disadvantage when it came to free throws, so they had to step up elsewhere to make up for it.

March Madness, Matthew McConaughey, and Texas is Back?

It has been a long time since Texas had some postseason success… in football or basketball. Kevin Durant ain’t walking through that door. Neither is former head coach Rick Barnes who coaches at Tennessee now. However, with Chris Beard at the helm, there is a feeling he might be able to get the program to new heights.

If he could do it over in Lubbock, he should be able to do it in Austin, right? That was the logic with the hire anyway. The starting five of this team is dangerous and they have some support when the main guys get tired. Each of the starting five had double-digit points with Andrew Jones scoring 21. Seeing Devin Askew in the tournament for the second round and not the Wildcats though…who could have thought?

With the men’s and women’s teams running high on the momentum this postseason, is there any reason to not say that Texas is back? They have a good group of guards, some tough forwards, and a coach with Final Four experience. What more could you want?