Mark Sanchez Makes On-Air Mistake, Calls Himself an ‘Idiot’

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Well, you can’t say Mark Sanchez takes himself too seriously. The former NFL quarterback-turned-analyst made an egregious error while attempting to make a baseball reference during Sunday’s Giants-Seahawks game.

When Seattle kicker Jason Myers converted an ugly field goal attempt on Sunday, Sanchez attempted to compare the kick to a knuckleball pitcher in the MLB. The problem? He used Chuck Knoblauch as an example.

For those who don’t know, Knoblauch spent most of his professional baseball career playing second base before transitioning to the outfield.

“I mean that thing looked like a Chuck Knoblauch knuckleball. What the heck,” Sanchez said.

Later in the broadcast, Sanchez realized the error he made during the broadcast. He had some fun with the mishap, though, calling himself an “idiot.”

“He’s laughing because he’s like ‘Oh you thought that was bad, Sanchez dropped a Knoblach on the knuckleball and he meant to say Tim Wakefield,'” Sanchez said when the video captured Giants head coach Brian Daboll laughing.

Trying to make the perfect comparison while on air isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Sanchez made a big mistake, but owned up to it and gave fans around the NFL a big laugh on Sunday afternoon.

Mark Sanchez Had Company with On-Air Flubs Sunday

So, apparently Week 8 of the NFL season was the week of misspeaking. Another figure in the league struggled with his words while officiating the Steelers-Eagles game over the weekend.

NFL official Clete Blakeman spit out a hilarious word salad while attempting to explain a penalty during Sunday’s game. Perhaps it made sense in his head, but it didn’t translate when he opened his mouth.

“Delay of game, defense No. 55, for making a move that’s not necessary… un-like football. It’s a half distance from penalty. …” Blakeman mistakenly said.

Blakeman laughed off the jumbled mess of an explanation, knowing he didn’t make any sense.

Mistakes happen, whether you’re in the broadcast booth or officiating a game. We just saw two hilarious flubs on the same weekend in the NFL.