WATCH: Marshawn Lynch Drops F-Bomb During Live ESPN Broadcast

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo via Getty Images / Christian Petersen / Staff)

Whenever Marshawn Lynch is in front of a camera, producers have to be ready to hit the bleep button. The ESPN crew on hand for Saturday’s Washington-Cal game learned that the hard way.

Lynch, along with Justin Forsett, was on campus to be inducted into the Cal Athletics Hall of Fame. Naturally, ESPN wanted to hear what the former Cal and NFL running back had to say about the honor.

Unfortunately, the ESPN producers weren’t ready for Lynch’s language. The former superstar dropped an F-bomb while speaking with a network sideline reporter. He quickly realized what he said, but the damage had been done.

Plenty of people on social media shared the video of Lynch’s hilarious moment on live TV:

Lynch almost always provides a great soundbite. Fans love hearing from the former NFL star and his appearance on ESPN Saturday night — though brief — didn’t disappoint.

Fans React to Marshawn Lynch Swearing on Live TV

One of the reasons college football fans love hearing from Marshawn Lynch is the mystery. You never know what he’s going to say next. That applies to ESPN, too.

Lynch is also a guy who doesn’t sugarcoat much. He’s pretty honest when speaking with media, a trait that many fans like to see from current and former players.

Needless to say, fans tuned into Saturday night’s Pac-12 matchup enjoyed the clip of Lynch being himself.

What might’ve made the moment even funnier? Lynch mentioned that one of things he noticed most about Justin Forsett, his former teammate, was that he “never cussed.”

You can’t write a script that good.

The one positive for ESPN is that these Pac-12 games tend to start pretty late. Although it’s not ideal to have a former athlete dropping F-bombs on live television, there probably weren’t a lot of children watching the game.

We’ve already heard Lynch curse on camera. Will he cap off the night by stealing the keys to the team’s medical cart and driving it around the field like he did 16 years ago?

It seems only fitting.