Marshawn Lynch’s Financial Advice to Steelers Rookie Najee Harris Proves He’s Still the GOAT of Quotes

by Quentin Blount

It’s no secret that Marshawn Lynch wasn’t all that talkative during his playing days in the NFL. Shoot, he was known for flat-out ignoring media members and refusing to answer their questions. But when it comes to giving genuine advice to rookies coming into the league, Lynch doesn’t have a problem doing that.

Rookie running back Najee Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers recently accepted a spot on the Lowe’s Home Team. And he told Bleacher Report that he sought out some advice from the five-time Pro Bowler about how to handle his business off-the-field.

“Marshawn always tells me, ‘if you can’t buy it twice, then don’t buy it at all,” Harris explained. “He always tells me how important it is to save your money and don’t lose focus on the most important thing and that’s what you do on the field because that’s what brings you a lot of marketing deals. So, never lose focus on where the real money is coming from, that’s what you do on the field.”

In terms of some on-the-field advice, Beast Mode has the rookie covered in that aspect as well.

“The most important thing they always keep preaching to me is to make sure you’re taking care of your body because you’re going to have a big workload,” he said.

Steelers Rookie Hopes Advice from Marshawn Lynch Leads to Success

So far, so good for rookie running back Najee Harris. It seems like the young Steelers player is keeping his head down and getting to work, stacking good days on top of each other. If he continues to take advice from Marshawn Lynch, there’s no reason why he can’t become a multiple-time Pro Bowler who is showered with promotional opportunities off the field as well.

On the field, though, Harris seems like he is a perfect fit over in Pittsburgh. That’s right, Steelers fans. Najee Harris already has circled on his calendar the two matchups with the divisional rival Baltimore Ravens. He explained as much to Bleacher Report when asked which game he is most looking forward to this year.

“The Baltimore Ravens [matchup] is one because I go up against Marcus Peters,” he said. “That’s the homie right there, that’s big bro. That’s the one I’m really looking forward to, and they have a good defense. Really, I like going against teams that have a good defense. Baltimore has a good defense, the [Buffalo] Bills have a good defense.”

The Steelers could very well be back on their way to winning the division once again. But a lot of that will ride on how quickly Harris can adjust to the game at the professional level. Thankfully, he has a guy like Marshawn Lynch in his corner giving him genuine advice.