WATCH: Marty Smith Gifts His Outsider Hat to Employee at Hooptee Celebrity Golf Classic

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Outsider podcast host Marty Smith made an incredibly generous gesture at the Hooptee Celebrity Golf Classic this afternoon. He went ahead and gifted his Outsider hat to an employee named Ms. Sandra at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte.

Ms. Sandra came up to Marty and said, “I LOVE that hat you’re wearing!”

He responded, “Well, it’s a little bit sweaty right now, but you can have it.”

He autographed it for her, too.

Great guy, great lady, great interaction. Marty shows us once again what being an Outsider is all about. Assuming you will not happen to run into an Outsider celebrity anytime soon, you can order your own Checks Hat for $30.

Marty Smith Responds to NASCAR Fans on ‘Sunday Money’

This week’s edition of “Marty Smith’s Sunday Money” included many burning questions from NASCAR fans on Twitter.

One user, @Briff388, asked Marty’s opinion on this past Sunday’s Verizon 200 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Tyler Reddick conquered the road course to claim his second victory of the season.

“I enjoyed it. Granted I’m a racer, so I even typically enjoy events others might consider boring,” Marty wrote. “It had everything you want: Physical racing (Kyle Larson dive-bombed the 5 car into the corner and body slammed Ty Dillon), weird strategy (Ross Chastain tried to win the damn thing on the access road before NASCAR slapped him for it) and something that resembles tradition (Reddick kissed the famed Yard of Bricks). I dug it.”

Marty continued: “However, all that said … I want the oval back. It’s Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It shouldn’t be just another race weekend, and the road course – even though the racing may be more interesting – dilutes the magnitude of the platform. IMS belongs to IndyCar and the unparalleled prestige of the Indy 500, and it’s the most famous racing circuit in America. And if NASCAR is running there it should be highlighted on that stage.”