Mascot Gets Trucked, Embarrassed by Green Bay Packers Running Back A.J. Dillon During Minor League Baseball Game

by Dustin Schutte

A Minor League Baseball mascot might start rethinking his career choices. He might also need some ibuprofen after his latest attempt to amuse the fans at a Kenosha Kingfish game through a drill with NFL running back A.J. Dillon.

Elvis — the Kenosha Kingfish mascot, not the ” King of Rock and Roll” — went toe-to-toe with Green Bay Packers running back A.J. Dillon over the weekend. As you might imagine, it didn’t end well for the guy inside the giant fish costume.

Dillon, who rushed for over 800 yards against professional football players last season, trucked and embarrassed Elvis during the drill. The running back hit the fish so hard, the mascot’s head popped off. Seriously.

Safe to say Dillon hit the “truck stick” during this drill:

Is anyone else replaying the lyrics,” Drop the deck and flop like a fish,” from the SpongeBob SquarePants theme in their head? Just me? Cool.

The Kenosha Kingfish are part of the Northwoods League, a summer collegiate baseball league. It’s very unlikely that the individual signing up to be Elvis is bringing home much (or any) cash. And yet, he willingly got steamrolled by an NFL running back.

That’s professional mascot material.

Dillon is coming off his best season in the NFL in 2021, rushing for 803 yards and five touchdowns for the Packers. It’s pretty easy to see why Elvis the Kingfish had absolutely no chance in this fight.

A.J. Dillon’s Mascot Encounter isn’t the Only Funny Minor League Moment

July is apparently the month of Minor League Baseball mascots making headlines. Earlier in the month, Portland Pickles mascot Dillon T. Pickle went viral after spearing a shirtless fan who wandered onto the field of play.

The gherkin flattened a fan who ran onto the field, attempting to take selfies with players. It was perhaps one of the best hits ever delivered by a mascot. To do it in a pickle outfit is even more impressive.

It’s unclear if this was a stunt planned by the Portland Pickles or if Dillon T. Pickle just lent a helping hand. Either way, there are some linebackers who don’t tackle that well.

If it came down to a mascot fight, it’s probably safe to say Dillon T. Pickle would clean Elvis the Kingfish. So, should we see the pickle spear take on the Packers running back in a showdown?

Who could resist the idea of a Dillon vs. Dillon matchup on the diamond?