Massive 30 Person Pile Up at Tour de France Femmes Sees Cyclist Leave in Ambulance

by Dustin Schutte

A massive pile-up in Stage 5 of the Tour de France Femmes resulted in one cyclist leaving the event in an ambulance. It’s the first major incident in this year’s event — though the men’s side saw a plethora of crazy moments.

With 28 miles remaining in the stage, two cyclists collided. The contact resulted in a major pile-up on the course. Around 30 riders found themselves involved in the crowd because of the accident. Below is video of the massive pile-up.

Per TMZ, Movistar’s Emma Norsgaard had to be taken away in an ambulance for further medical examination. Fortunately, most riders were able to hop back on their bikes and continue in the Tour de France Femmes. Some did suffer minor injuries.

In a situation like that, it’s very fortunate that not more riders were seriously injured. There has not been an injury update provided on Norsgaard’s status at this time.

Men’s Tour de France Saw Plenty of Crazy Moments

The chaos in Stage 5 of the Tour de France Femmes is the first seriously hectic moment from the event. If it’s anything like the men’s race this year, though, there are going to be some fireworks.

In Stage 5 of the men’s event, Italian cyclist David Oss suffered a broken neck after colliding with an oblivious fan. Despite the serious nature of the injury, he somehow managed to complete the race. Because of his neck injury, he was forced to withdraw from the Tour de France.

Stage 10 also saw major chaos. A group of climate-change protestors clogged up the course, forcing riders to stop and wait for approximately 15 minutes. Eventually, officers removed the protestors from the road and cyclists jumped back into the race.

Cycling can be one of the most dangerous sports out there. Hopefully this is the only major incident in this year’s Tour de France Femmes.