WATCH: Massive Brawl Breaks Out in Dodger Stadium Bleachers During Home Run Derby

by Patrick Norton

Dodger Stadium lays claim to three iconic baseball relics: great baseball, the Dodger Dog, and copious amounts of fighting. It’s almost a nightly tradition for some sort of brawl to break out. However, it usually only happens during Dodgers games. Monday night’s MLB Home Run Derby made an exception.

One baseball fan shares footage on Twitter of a massive mix-up between – you guessed it – Dodgers fans. Trying to give an authentic experience to visitors of the historic park, two individuals trade mighty hooks, landing each blow.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance. The Home Run Derby is a family-oriented event. Bringing the best slugging talent together on one stage, with kids shagging balls in the outfield, it’s a shame a brutal fight occurs during this event. It becomes even more disturbing as the video captures young baseball fans near the crossfire of the crowd.

The brouhaha ends as some actual adults step in to separate the fighters. But I can only hope the kids in the background don’t belong to anybody participating in the scrap.

How Did Public Brawls Become Acceptable?

Roughhousing with your brother is a different nature. It’s good fun when parents aren’t around. Furthermore, even if you were fighting, you’ve forgotten why by its conclusion. However, there’s a new wave of asinine individuals causing havoc at sporting events and out in public.

One brawl between two indoor football teams saw a fan in the stands wielding his metal folding chair as a weapon. The man struck a player in the back of the helmet, causing members of the player’s team to jump into the stands, pummeling the instigator.

Another saw a referee of an AAU basketball game socking a coach for not giving stripes enough space. The ensuing dogpile on top of the ref required several parents and young players to pull apart the men.

I don’t know where this trend started, but the example it sets for viewers including children is somewhat appalling – grow up.