Masters 2021: Watch Outsider’s Wes Blankenship Take on Monster (and Mouthwatering) Oysters

by Evan Reier

Fair warning: if you’re jealous of those in Augusta for the Masters 2021 Tournament, it’s about to get worse.

It’s hard not to be. After all, the legendary tourney is back with fans and in its native season of Spring. And nothing sounds better than an afternoon stroll around Augusta National.

Outsider‘s own Wes Blankenship hit the road to Augusta, stopping at multiple Georgia institutions. And by “institutions,” we mean the places serving southern food so good that making a mess only feels right.

In Wes’ final installment of his journey, which also featured iconic Greensboro stop Holcomb’s and pit barbeque legends Crowe’s in Madison, he visits Augusta itself. It goes without saying that Wes is living his best life right now.

What comes next is a visit to Rhinehart’s, one of Augusta’s premiere eateries and a must-stop for any seafood lover.

Rhinehart’s has been drawing out groans of deliciousness from customers since 1983. Like any fine southern dining spot, Rhinehart’s offers seafood, chicken and a variety of down home classics in between.

But it’s the oysters that has made the “beyond casual seafood” spot a revered name. The damn things are bigger than a five-wood grazing the grass at the Masters, and Wes describes them with the three words you need to hear:

“Salt. Cold. Fresh.”

Rhinehart’s Is a Must-Stop at Masters 2021 (Or Whenever)

Wes drops the classic saying that one should only eat oysters in months ending in “-r,” but that doesn’t stop him from chowing down despite it being “out of season.” His face after the first bite does most of the talking and let’s you know right away that any month is a good month for Rhinehart’s.

It helps that Wes is obviously no stranger to eating mollusks. Before his first, he crafts his bite, set with a cracker as the base and a bit of cocktail sauce on top. He also makes sure to mention the necessity of hot sauce, and we couldn’t agree more.

But before that first bite, he throws down the gauntlet for his fellow seafood fans.

“If you’re eating an oyster on its own,” he starts. “Or neat, or you’re just eating it with ice, go get some help.”

Oyster purists can get mad all they want, we’re 100 percent behind this statement. And if people needed any more convincing on Rhinehart’s quality, Wes’ theory on their oysters should do it.

“They use some sort of drone, they just scooped them right out and dropped them off on my plate, is what it tastes like.”

It may be too late to hit Rhinehart’s for Masters 2021, but there’s never a bad time to head to Augusta and chow down at the iconic spot.