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Masters 2022: The Augusta Airport Is Packed With an Unbelievable Amount of Private Jets

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

While the Augusta Airport is relatively small, it holds a ton of private jets for the Masters. Golfers travel in style, don’t you know? And, it isn’t just those competing. In fact, most are likely spectators’ jets. Imagine the folks that the tournament attracts each year. I’m thinking about my home state and Louisville hosting the Kentucky Derby. Lots of people with money want to see the biggest sporting events out there.

Regardless of who the jets are for, the amount of them is astonishing. It’s like a jet show right there in the Augusta airport. Check it out below.

Just check out this overhead view of them all lined up and waiting for their next flights.

It is wild to see the increase in traffic laid out in plain numbers like Front Office Sports puts it. 1,500 private jets. 30,000 people during Masters week versus 5,000 in a typical week. Things are growing when spring comes to Augusta, Georgia and it isn’t just the flowers at Augusta National.

Folks were dying to get to the Masters this year. I have a feeling that in-person events are going to be selling out and will be packed fairly often this spring and summer. After two years of restrictions, a lot of people are ready to get back out in full force.

This was one to see if we’re being honest. Tiger Woods played. Although he didn’t have a great tournament, it was amazing he was even on the course competing through the last round. Scottie Scheffler was the man to watch, though. He pushed his lead to -10 under par and held strong to improve it to -12 before it was all said and done.

Augusta Airport is Packed as the Upper Class Takes in the Masters

For all those fancy folks flying private, it was an impressive tournament to watch. Although Scheffler pulled out the win, it wasn’t always secure. He had to fight off the man he was paired up with, and Rory McIlroy who was a few holes ahead as well. It got a little dramatic there for a while.

McIlroy closed out the fourth round masterfully. He came into the day +1 on par. He went on a streak that took him to -8 for the day and -7 overall for the tournament. The effort was valiant, but it just wasn’t enough to overcome the lead that Scheffler had built. A collapse would not come from the 25-year-old.

Cameron Smith and his mullet couldn’t make the comeback come true either. The Aussie was -7 at one time, but would fall down to -4 at one point and finished up -5. He gave a good effort, but the pressure seemed to get to the Olympian golfer. In the end, it all resulted in Scheffler getting a green jacket.