Masters 2022: Golf Fans Are Comparing Cameron Smith Mullet to Joe Dirt

by Jonathan Howard

What a Masters tournament we just saw. On top of coming up short, Cameron Smith is being compared to Joe Dirt online. It isn’t the worst thing to be compared to. And, if you’re going to play the Masters with a full-blown mullet and a blonde mustache and goatee, then what do you expect? It’s all in good fun. Fans know how to have fun, especially when it comes to memes on Twitter.

Of course, you know Outsider is going to get a joke or two off.

Imagine a hybrid Happy Gilmore meets Joe Dirt where David Spade becomes an unexpected tournament champion on the golf course with three feet of hair going down his back… There were plenty of other jokes on the timeline as well. Some people couldn’t believe what they saw. After all, it isn’t often a man who was once left at the Grand Canyon as a child performs so well on golf’s biggest stage.

Ultimately, Cameron Smith was able to finish third at the Masters, comparisons to Joe Dirt or not, that’s an impressive achievement. He clearly wanted to take home the green jacket, but it wasn’t in the cards. On hole 11, he fell apart a little. That’s where his hopes of winning died. Still, a wonderful tournament and play overall, despite coming up short.

Congrats on the new level of fame and all of the new fans as well, Cameron!

Americans were definitely introduced to a legend that Australians have been familiar with for a while. There was some buzz when the Tokyo Olympics came around. However, after this year’s Masters, Smith and his signature look will be remembered for a long time. Maybe one day those long locks will rest on the shoulders of a green jacket.

Cameron Smith Compared to Joe Dirt After Scottie Scheffler Wins Masters

Coming into the day, it was known that this would be a big matchup. They were paired up together and ready to go to the wire. All week, Scheffler has remained calm and collected. He’s been on a streak unlike any other. While the 25-year-old is young, he plays like a hardened pro. Smith was just unable to compete against the No. 1 player in the world today.

Holes 11 and 12 really hurt Smith’s chances of a comeback. Even with all of the support from fans and folks at the course, it just wasn’t good enough. It can’t be easy competing directly against the leader and the top player in the entire world. Smith is a tough competitor, something tells me he’ll be back to compete for a jacket in the future.

Meanwhile, congrats to Scheffler on a great game. He faltered at times, but came back and pushed his lead further out. Just when he needed a birdie or par, he was able to get it. He ended up competing against McIlroy who had gone to the clubhouse five or six holes ahead of the eventual champion. Scheffler pushed the lead out to -12 to -7 and won his green jacket.