Masters 2022: Tiger Woods Arrives at Augusta National

by Chase Thomas

Could Tiger Woods really play in The Masters next week? It’s a possibility, folks. Prepare accordingly. The legendary golfer has arrived at Augusta National this week to play a few practice rounds at the course. If he feels good, as the report goes, then there is a chance that he gets the go-ahead to try and play in The Masters next weekend in Augusta.

This is a bombshell for the PGA Tour and golf fans everywhere. It was just over a year ago that Woods suffered a horrific car accident that put him in the hospital for weeks. Add to it that he could not even walk for months after the injuries he sustained in the wreck. Folks wondered if Woods would ever be able to golf again after the devastating injuries from the accident. It was scary the next several months for Woods and his family, but things are obviously moving in the right direction.

What a difference a year makes, though. Indeed, Woods is now back at Augusta National. He is going to give it a go. Nothing is assured with Woods as of yet, outside of the fact that he is going to play those practice rounds and see where he’s at. He has not played in a tournament since the injury in February of 2021. Internet sleuths are responsible for this story getting out in the first place. Those golf fans tracked Woods’ private jet from his home in Florida to Augusta. There could only be one reason for Woods to be making such a trip at this time. It turns out that this was exactly what he was up to. He, along with his son Charlie, are in Augusta to try and see if Woods can return to the course and compete in the 2022 Masters.

This is a developing story…

Tiger Woods and Son Share Beautiful Moment

Tiger Woods has gone through it over the last year. One could only imagine the struggles that have come from as a result from his car wreck and all the physical rehab work he has had to do to get back to playing-shape. However, Woods got to share a beautiful moment with his son.

At the PNC Championship, Woods and his son Charlie got to compete together. He said afterward, “The fact that I’m able to have this opportunity this year — even a couple of weeks ago we didn’t know whether or not I would be doing this.” He got to do it, though, and it meant the world to him. He concluded, “But here we are. And we had just the best time ever.” They even set a consecutive-birdie record for the tournament in the process.