Masters 2022: Watch Hot Mics Pick Up Tiger Woods Yelling ‘F*** Off’ at His Golf Ball

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with participating in the annual Masters Tournament of golf. And when the 2022 tournament kicked off on Thursday, veteran golfer Tiger Woods was apparently feeling the heat because the hot mics picked up the living legend as he yelled “F—k off” at his golf ball at hole nine.

Compared to other sports, golfers often display traits like patience, concentration, and emotional management. Apparently, Tiger Woods’s golf ball got the better of him on Thursday as we heard on the Masters’ hot mics. Though in the midst of such a prestigious event, I suppose we can’t blame him. After all, it provided viewers with a brief moment of comic relief, not to mention it wasn’t as if he cussed out a spectator or a fellow golfer.

According to TMZ, Woods’ ill-timed comment came while attempting to hit his golf ball out of some pine straw. And while initially, the shot appeared to be a good one, it caught a slope and began rolling back toward the fairway.

Fortunately for Tiger Woods, the outlet reports he was able to save par on the hole and get things back on track by Hole 10.

How & When to Watch the 2022 Masters:

While Tiger Woods makes headlines with his latest blow-up, minimal compared to previous outbursts, we’re here to provide you with all the details on where you can catch the 2022 Masters.

Thanks to CBS Sports, golf fans have access to all facets of the intense matches. For those interesting in catching the event on mobile devices, be sure to head to or download the CBS Sports App. Either way, access is free and you’ll be able to remain updated on all of the event’s latest happenings and potential Tiger Woods outbursts.

Those interested in tuning in at home still have access to live coverage at, as well as over on Paramount+.

Additionally, golf fans can find stay up to date on the 2022 Masters through their local television network. Many of the events taking place throughout the weekend will also be covered on ESPN, while viewers can catch post-round highlights over on CBS.

With so many available streaming platforms, there’s no way dedicated golf fans will miss any of the most crucial Masters updates.

Further, coverage of the event will span much of the next few days, with tee times kicking off as early as 8 a.m. and the latest events of the day concluding in the early evening most nights.

Aside from the traditional holes, fans can also tune in to “Masters on the Range” airing on CBS Sports Network. There, fans can watch interviews with some of gold’s most talented players, see analyses of the field, and catch breakdowns from the Tournament Practice area.