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Masters Tournament 2021 Champions Dinner Menu Set by Dustin Johnson: How It Compares to Tiger Woods’ 2020 Meal

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Rob Carr/Getty Images

It is a Masters Tournament tradition for the defending champion to decide what is served at the annual Champions Dinner.

Last year, Dustin Johnson won the Masters Tournament. He also set a new 72-hole tournament record at the Augusta National, which was previously held by Tiger Woods. He won with a 20-under par score (268).

Now, his food of glory and championship meal has finally been announced.

Dustin Woods Master Tournament Champions Dinner Menu

According to Golf Week, the Champions Dinner is held every year on the Tuesday evening before the start of the tournament. The event gathers previous winners as the most recent winner hosts the meal.

Johnson recently shared what he selected for guests to eat that evening.

His menu includes an appetizer of pigs in a blanket and lobster and corn fritters. His first course is a house or caesar salad. Guests can choose between mashed potatoes or spring vegetables as a side dish.

His main course is filet mignon and miso-marinated sea bass. Lastly, for dessert, Johnson chose peach cobbler and apple pie alongside vanilla ice cream.

His menu is considered a bit less extravagant than last year’s meal selected by Tiger Woods. Especially considering the pigs in a blanket on the menu. Although, his two kids may enjoy this addition.

Tiger Woods Menu

Last year Tiger Woods walked away as the champion of the Masters Tournament.

The meal Tiger Woods chose last year included an Augusta Roll, which has tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, avocado, eel sauce, tempura flakes, pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce.

He also as a main course chose prime steak and chicken fajitas. This includes grilled vegetables, refried beans, Mexican rice, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, and flour tortillas.

Lastly, Johnson selected a dessert trio as the final course of the day. This includes classic flan, churros with chocolate sauce, and sopapillas. There are also a variety of different wines that could be selected.

Tiger Woods took inspiration from his childhood when he chose his meal last year.

“Being born and raised in SoCal, having fajitas and sushi was a part of my entire childhood, and I’m going back to what I had in 2006. So we’ll have steak and chicken fajitas, and we’ll have sushi and sashimi out on the deck, and I hope the guys will enjoy it,” Woods said regarding his dinner in 2020, according to the PGA Tour site.

It’s unclear as of now what inspired Dustin Johnson to pick his menu for the 2021 dinner.

Tiger Woods’ dinner was served “quarantine style” with fewer guests and was also rescheduled to November.

Tiger Woods will not participate in the Master’s Tournament this year due to his recent serious car crash. It is unclear when or if Tiger Woods will make a return to the sport. Doctors put a rod, pins, and screws into Woods’ leg following the incident and he still needs nearly eight months to recover.