Matthew McConaughey is Amazed by the ‘Incredible’ Skill of Tom Brady: ‘Dude, What?!’

by Will Shepard

Matthew McConaughey went on “Jimmy Fallon Live” to talk about his new commercial for Doritos. The commercial is for the Super Bowl ad, and it will certainly be one for the ages.

McConaughey joins the interview on a video chat, sporting a hat with three green lights. The hat undoubtedly referencing his new book as Kimmel points out.

During the interview, Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Fallon talk about the greatness of Tom Brady. McConaughey is clearly a huge fan of the longevity of Brady’s career. The two talk about how fantastic his career has been thus far.

“Speaking of being on the field, we’ve got the Super Bowl. You’ve got the Doritos, which we are going to show a little bit.” McConaughey says, “we co-star in, sir.”

Matthew McConaughey Can’t Believe How Good Tom Brady Still Is

The conversation quickly transitions. Kimmel asks Matthew McConaughey who he wants to win the Super Bowl this year. And the actor already has his answer ready.

“Look, the incredible little subplot story that’s going on in front of our eyes that has already become more magnificent than most everyone ever imagined is Tom Brady leading the buccaneers to another Super Bowl win. Just getting them to the playoffs, that was one. His old team, New England, doesn’t make it. Winning the NFC Championship, dude, what?! That’s enough. He’s not going to do that, but he did that. Now, he’s in the Super Bowl, what?”

Matthew McConaughey is clearly in disbelief at the things Brady is still doing in his career. He then acknowledges just how incredible reaching the Super Bowl for a tenth time really is.

“[He’s] exceeded expectations all the way. [Tom Brady] is 43 years young, do we believe, is he going to prove to us that you should believe in how incredible and awesome someone actually can be at something for how long.”

There is certainly no doubt in anyone’s mind that if Brady wins a seventh Super Bowl ring that he will go down as the greatest football player ever. Many people also believe that it would make him the greatest athlete of all time. Yes, better than Michael Jordan.

Matthew McConaughey then tells a brief story about how he had an interview with Brady a while ago. He asked Brady who he is when he is at his best. To which McConaughey says that Brady said “anticipation.” He explains that Brady is at his best when he knows exactly what he is going to do with the ball before the snap.

Not only that, but Matthew McConaughey says Brady also knows whether or not the pass will be a completion. He also knows whether or not the pass is going to be a first down. And, he knows what the next play is going to be as well. Kimmel then jokes that he gets that same feeling when he eats.