Matthew McConaughey Hangs With Lewis Hamilton in Texas as F1 Driver Plots Movie With Brad Pitt

by Suzanne Halliburton
Mario Renzi - Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images

Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton is quite popular in Austin this weekend. Matthew McConaughey stopped by the Mercedes garage at the U.S. Grand Prix. And so did Brad Pitt.

The Circuit of the Americas, outside Austin, is hosting the Grand Prix. And Matthew McConaughey is one of the city’s most recognized residents. It makes all kind of sense for a so-called Minister of Culture to be schmoozing on COTA’s pit row with the likes of Hamilton and the other drivers.

McConaughey tweeted a couple of F1 photos. He’s hugging Hamilton in one and shaking hands with the champion in the other snapshot. The Oscar winner captioned the pictures “latestbreaker Lewis Hamilton” and tagged F1 social media.

Matthew McConaughey Also Visited Hamilton This Summer in France

As for breakers, we’re assuming Matthew McConaughey is talking about the line in his memoir: He wrote that he came “from a long line of rule breakers.” Plus, he had that famous line in Magic Mike, when he told an all female audience “I see a lot of lawbreakers up in this house.” So it sounds like in McConaughey speak, he was paying Hamilton a huge compliment.

Hamilton and McConaughey are friends. McConaughey helped Hamilton celebrate in 2019 when the driver clinched the world championship in Austin. Then earlier this summer, Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves, attended the French Grand Prix at the track in Le Castellet. They both stopped by the paddock to tell Hamilton hello.

Most everyone in Austin is used to seeing Matthew McConaughey hanging around town. But the VIP area at COTA was all abuzz Friday when Brad Pitt stopped by wearing his official F1 credential.

Top Gun Producer/Writer Involved in New Brad Pitt Project

On Thursday night, Pitt and Hamilton dined out at a downtown Austin steakhouse to talk plans for a movie. Several big F1 names also attended the dinner, which took place in a private dining room.

Pitt will star in the film. He’ll portray an aging driver turned team owner who returns to racing. Hamilton will consult and co-produce the movie.

Two well-known Hollywood actors were hanging out at the Mercedes garage at the U.S. Grand Prix. Matthew McConaughey came by to say hello to Lewis Hamilton. Brad Pitt also is there to make plans for his new movie. (PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

And there are other big names affiliated with this Pitt-Hamilton project. Apple Studios is behind the movie, which will be produced and written by the folks who brought us Top Gun: Maverick. Joseph Kosinski, who directed the Top Gun sequel, will produce the F1 movie. He’ll reunite with  Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman. Ehren Kruger will write the script. So if you’re a fan of Maverick, it sounds like this F1 film probably will be something to see. Tom Cruise is the only one missing from the project, but Brad Pitt should be a comparable replacement, right?

The actual U.S. Grand Prix is tomorrow. Pitt probably is at COTA, taking in the qualifying. Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey has other sports to watch. His Texas Longhorns play Oklahoma State this afternoon. Then on Sunday, McConaughey has the MLS semifinals. He’s a co-owner of Austin F.C., which hosts Dallas. So it’s a super sporty weekend.