Matthew McConaughey Posts Three-Word Tweet, Video Getting Pumped for Texas Football

by Sean Griffin

Matthew McConaughey is known for many things, and one of them is being the University of Texas football’s biggest cultural ambassador.

While the hugely popular actor is known for all things Texas, whether it be from his recent advocacy in the wake of the Uvalde shootings or his flirting with running for governor of the state, McConaughey is normally identified with the Lone Star State.

For decades, McConaughey has been known to grace the sidelines at home games of the Texas Longhorn football team. A huge college football fan and an even bigger Longhorn fan, the actor helps put a national spotlight on a program that is already one of the most prominent in college sports.

In preparation for Texas’ highly-anticipated matchup with Nick Saban and last year’s national runner-up the Alabama Crimson Tide, Matthew McConaughey posted a Texas football hype video that is definitely worth the watch.

“Bring the heat,” the actor’s caption says, along with a “#hookem” hashtag.

Tons of Texas fans on Twitter responded to the video with similar messages as the fan base seems ready to take on the challenge of the Crimson Tide.

One fan wrote: “Horns Up, Hook ‘Em!” Another said, “Texas fight!”

Even a Longhorn fan in France couldn’t help but comment on the actor’s tweet. “I’m all on fire!! Even in France!!! Texas Fight!!!”

However, many fans were warning McConaughey and the Texas faithful to be careful what they wish for. “Alabama will definitely be bringing the heat,” one fan wrote. Another agreed, writing: “Alabama plays in the heat too.”

Regardless of the result on Saturday, one thing is for sure: we love the pregame trash-talk, and we love Matthew McConaughey’s passion for college football.

Matthew McConaughey’s Recent Advice about Living Without Drama

Matthew McConaughey is known for his deep insights and interesting perspectives. He offered more advice in a recent Twitter video.

The Green Lights author posted a video to the platform and captioned it “don’t invent drama.” He then told a story about a great lesson in life that he had learned from a friend and that friend’s great-grandfather.

In the video, McConaughey recounts a story that his college roommate, Samuel Monroe-Wells, shared with him once. After spending some time with his 94-year-old great grandfather during a Christmas break, Monroe-Wells gained a few insights.

He asked the man to give him some life advice, and McConaughey recounts the scene with an old man’s voice.

“Best advice I can give you is this,” McConaughey recalls, “I have had many crises in my life. And most of them… never happened.”

McConaughey reminds us that oftentimes, the problems in our lives are problems that are of our own invention. The story he shares helps to remind us that most of the biggest problems we have now won’t be problems in the future (i.e. “don’t invent drama”).