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Matthew McConaughey Sets His Sights on Austin FC’s Next Game After a Hard-Fought Battle

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Pardon Matthew McConaughey if he’s a bit caught up in the world of Austin FC and sports. He loves the Major League Soccer team. They are located in Texas’ capital city. It’s also where Matthew McConaughey lives, too. So, on Sunday, Austin FC played to a 1-1 tie with the Seattle Sounders. The actor took to social media and shared his thoughts while looking ahead to the team’s next game.

Matthew McConaughey, Austin FC Owner, Cheers On As They Play

Matthew McConaughey and Austin FC go together. He is a big fan of them. Well, he better be as an investor in the MLS team. They are a draw in a city that’s pretty focused at this time on the NCAA Tournament for both men’s and women’s college basketball. On Sunday, the Texas women’s team advanced to their tournament’s Sweet 16. Later on Sunday, the men’s team was going to be playing with a shot to move on into their Sweet 16 round.

Soccer, though, is at the forefront of McConaughey’s mind here. Earlier in March, McConaughey shared his thoughts about the team and Austin. “There is a culture in Austin,” he said in a virtual press conference. “We are relentlessly optimistic, we’re highly creative.

“We like to win, we like to win well and know how to wear our wins well,” he said. “We’re a growing city. As minister of culture, I’m hanging on to the DNA, making sure that the DNA of who we are and why we love Austin is still in place in the city and within Austin FC.”

Actor, Sports Fan Took Center Stage At First Game of Austin FC Team

Last June, 20,000 fans packed into Q2 Stadium on a Saturday night. McConaughey was among the crowd, of course. Well, he found a way to get the fans riled up and cheering. A video showed him wearing a green suit at the center of the pitch. He looked quite dapper indeed.

What did the actor and author do? Started pummeling down on his Djembe. The camera also starts to pan around Q2 Stadium as fans chant and cheer. They were both for Austin FC and McConaughey.

Now, back in April 2021, McConaughey talked with Austin TV station KXAN about his belief that this franchise is a “100-year war.” He said: “I’m investing my time, money, and self into things now that are legacy choices. Things that I want to build in the long run, that I want to have alive when I’m on my death bed…that I want to hand off to my children that they can hand off to their children, stuff that will outlive me, that’s what I’m trying to put my time into now.”