Matthew McConaughey Tells Emotional Story of Uvalde’s Win in First Home Football Game Since May Shooting

by Chris Haney

During ESPN’s College GameDay pre-game show on Saturday morning, the program aired an emotional story about Uvalde’s first home football win since the tragic shooting in May. Actor, humanitarian, and beloved Texan Matthew McConaughey narrated the touching piece that honored the 21 lives lost at Uvalde.

On May 24, an 18-year-old gunman fatally shot 19 children and two adults while wounding 17 others. The devastating news rocked the Lone Star state and the rest of the nation as the Uvalde community was forever changed that day.

In the days following the tragic event, Matthew McConaughey and his wife visited Uvalde and spent time with the victims’ families. They listened to their stories, got to know their children, and shed tears with their loved ones. Therefore McConaughey was the perfect choice to narrate “Football in Uvalde,” which aired earlier today.

“They bowed their heads for 21 seconds of silence before the game,” Matthew McConaughey says in the clip. “One Mississippi for each of the deceased. Their friends, their teachers, their children. A prayer from the living from all 5,000 souls in Uvalde’s Honey Bowl Stadium.”

The 1972 state championship team from Uvalde High School was in attendance as well. 50 years after their undefeated season ended in triumph, the players returned. However, those 50th-anniversary celebrations took on a much different and much more somber meaning in 2022.

Matthew McConaughey Narrates Epic Last-Second Uvalde Victory

Last Friday night, after four hard-fought quarters of football, the Uvalde Coyotes found themselves tied 28-28 with only 36 seconds left in the game. In a wild sequence narrated by Matthew McConaughey, Uvalde had 60 yards to go to the end zone. The packed stadium was likely full of prayers for a miracle, and those prayers were answered.

The Coyotes’ senior running back, Jonathan Jimenez, carried the ball out wide to the left. With nowhere left to run and defenders swarming, he reversed the field running back to the right and eventually up the sideline. He made it all the way to the 10-yard line with only 17 seconds left. His stunning run would set up a go-ahead touchdown pass from quarterback Brodie Carnes for the 34-28 win.

“The crowd cheered these young men. Young men who had kept the faith, young men who claimed a victory that seemed out of reach,” Matthew McConaughey said in the narration. “Young men who reminded us that even in the most painful and darkest of times, light comes in the morning.”

A win on the football field may not bring those 21 lives back. However, it was a bright spot for the Uvalde community that so badly deserved a ray of hope. After everything the small Texas town has been through, we’re sure it was a welcomed respite underneath the Friday night lights.