Matthew McConaughey’s Red River Rally Cry: ‘Own the Place’

by Kati Michelle

I don’t know about you, but there are a couple of people I wouldn’t mind getting a pep talk from. “Fast and Furious” and “NCIS” star Lucas Black is one of ’em, but Mr. Matthew McConaughey might just have him beat. While McConaughey’s political aspirations remain up in the air, the “Dazed and Confused” star might want to re-think his path. Perhaps a motivational speaking gig would suit him. We’ll let you make that call after you hear the epic Red River rally cry he just dropped. More on that below.

Matthew McConaughey Addresses Longhorn Nation

Here’s a fun game, count how many horns Matthew McConaughey drops in his new hype video. The clip shared to his Twitter page starts off with at least a couple. He directly addresses the video to the Longhorn Nation ahead of Saturday’s big game. The Texas Longhorns are set to play the Oklahoma Sooners early Saturday morning and fans are expecting a battle of epic proportions.

McConaughey drops a ton of powerful soundbites in the clip, but the favorites seem to revolve around two in particular. First, he starts off by telling his Texas friends to expect a tough game. “They’re not going to just give it to us, you have to go and take it.” Later in the video, he says the only hope for a big win is to “not rent the place” but rather “own it.” You don’t have to be a football fan to feel that electric energy.

You can take a listen down below. It might be worth listening to a few times, actually:

How Well Do You Know Your Texas Slang?

Last year, Matthew McConaughey sat down with Vanity Fair for a segment to dive into Texas slang. Hugh Grant and Charlie Hunnam joined the star to put their knowledge to the test. They humorously work together to unpack various phrases, starting with a preview of the classic “Dad Gum.” McConaughey instructs viewers “I will be giving you the howdys from Texas” before circling back to the phrase. He explains “Dad Gum” as a more polite way of saying “Damn It!” It’s something more suitable with and around children.

Within the video, he also gives a breakdown of “y’all.” He says it stands for you all (bet you guessed that one already) and he also says that it’s applicable to everyone. Hugh Grant then asks whether McConaughey sprinkles the phrase everywhere and McConaughey describes “y’all” as “very sprinkle-able.” The Texan then moves on to the next phrase: “Fixin’ to.” He explains this one as a replacement for the phrase “About to.” Some other phrases he explores include “corn-fed” and “all hat, no cowboy.”

Check it out here: