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Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Reflects on Incident at the Rams’ Super Bowl Parade

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Rams and Matthew Stafford won the Super Bowl in 2022. It was an incredible moment for both Stafford and the Rams. However, the day the Rams celebrated the victory in Los Angeles for a parade, a terrible situation transpired where a photographer suffered a nasty fall. The Staffords, Matthew and Kelly, were nearby when it happened and their reaction to the event subsequently went viral.

Kelly Stafford went on Carton & Roberts recently and addressed what happened. She told the radio hosts, “I know Matthew wishes he could have taken that reaction back, but there are times in life I feel, to be totally honest if he tried to help, he probably would have made the situation worse. If anyone did see him or hear his speech that day, he probably wasn’t in the right state of mind to do anything.” It was a terrible situation for all involved.

Matthew Stafford And The Parade

She continued on the incident involving Matthew Stafford, “It wasn’t the best reaction, but when we got in the car after, he asked me to text the Rams people and make sure she was okay, and the next day was when we tried to figure out a solution.” So, although, the initial reaction was not the best from Kelly’s perspective, it was important for the couple that the situation be addressed and the photographer to get all the support possible.

She continued, “Part of me feels her whole life was thrown in the washer in a way, and I hate it for everybody involved.” Kelly concluded, “I’ll be totally honest with you guys, after I heard about the things said by her 10 years ago, part of me wanted to reach out and be like, I’m so sorry this is happening, I hope you’re not the same person you were 10 years ago, and if you are, I pray that this changes you… Everyone makes mistakes, everyone says things, Matthew made a mistake on that stage, so I think everyone needs to show a little bit of compassion and empathy and hope that people can learn from their mistakes.”

It was tough. Because of the incident, the photographer’s life got put under a microscope. Kelly felt bad for her, and people make mistakes. Thankfully, it looks as though everyone will be able to move forward.

The Los Angeles Rams in Free Agency

The Rams are gearing up to try and repeat in 2023 as Super Bowl champions. The team lost Von Miller to the Buffalo Bills. However, the team signed Allen Robinson to replace Robert Woods who the team traded to the Tennessee Titans. The Rams are reportedly looking to bring back OBJ as well. Plus, the Rams are reportedly in on longtime Seattle Seahawk great Bobby Wagner to add to their linebacker room. Only time will tell if the Rams can run it back next season.