McKayla Maroney Stuns in Gorgeous Photos, Pens Beautiful Message to U.S. Olympic Trialists

by Evan Reier

Nine years on from her and the “Fierce Five’s” impressive win at the 2012 Summer Olympics, McKayla Maroney is hyping up her successors.

With the trials for the Olympics wrapping up, Maroney knows all too well of the pressures and intensity of fighting for a spot. While she and many of the legends of U.S.A. gymnastics make it look easy, reaching the Olympic stage requires perfection.

Maroney has been retired since 2016, but still has her fellow gymnasts in her heart. Alongside a gallery featuring current photos and snaps from 2012, Maroney penned some advice.

“Congrats, and good luck to all the girls competing in their last day of Olympic trials tonight!!!!” McKayla Maroney begins.

The famed gymnast faced tragic and heinous treatment at the hands of U.S.A. Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, detailing his repeated sexual assaults in 2017. Despite his horrid actions, McKayla Maroney has never faltered in being a supporter of her fellow colleagues.

She also looks back fondly at her trials in 2012, saying that representing her country was an incredible experience.

“Olympic Trials was my favorite competition of all time,” Maroney continues. “I was in my favorite leotard, with USA sketched in crystals on my hip, in the best shape of my life, competing with the best gymnasts in the United States!! That’s you girl!!!!”

McKayla Maroney Drops Advice to 2021 Trialists

As part of the “Fierce Five,” Maroney secured Olympic gold in the 2012 Summer Olympics. While she famously earned a Silver Medal in Vault and created a viral “McKayla Maroney is not impressed” meme, the overall success of the unit is still remembered with pride.

Essentially, Maroney knows a thing or two about winning. With that experience in hand, she offered her thoughts to those vying for an Olympic spot.

“My best advice is compete like you will never touch that floor again!” McKayla Maroney wrote. “Don’t let any nervousness hold you back, and go perform like you’ve trained. I know you’ve all have had incredible days in the gym, that no one but you, and your coach has seen!! Tonight is really the night to bring that energy, and confidence.”

Maroney also mentions the importance of channeling one’s “best practice days.” Utilizing that feeling and being yourself is the key according to the 25-year-old.

Perhaps the most important part of the message is her reminder that the women competing are role models for younger generations. No matter the result, they are carrying the torch and inspiring others.

“You’ll be inspiring thousands of little girls tonight,” Maroney wrote. “Just like you used to look up to the older girls before you!!”