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McKayla Maroney Wants You to ‘Keep it Moving’ in Gorgeous New Photo

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Attention all McKayla Maroney followers on Instagram: the former professional gymnast wants you to “keep it moving.”

If you have been paying attention to Maroney on social media, you know that she has been busy making a name for herself. Not that she did already have one, though. Maroney, of course, is best known as a member of the “Fierce Five” American Women’s gymnastics team during the 2012 Summer Olympics.

During her time as a professional gymnast, Maroney brought home a gold medal in the team and an individual silver medal in the vault event. The 2012 Women’s gymnastics team marked the very first time that the American women took home the gold. And it was also the first time that they did so on foreign soil at the Olympics.

Nowadays, McKayla Maroney is making a seamless transition from the gymnastics floor to in front of the camera. Over the past couple of years, the 25-year-old has become a rising force in Instagram modeling. Her gorgeous looks help catch people’s eye, but there is always more to her messages. Maroney often uses her official social media accounts to share her fitness regimens and messages of positivity to followers.

But on Saturday, she posted a beautiful photo wearing a bright green button-up shirt. She is also rocking a pair of shades to go along with her white high-waisted pants and white handbag. And she had a simple message for those who came across her latest snap.

“Keep it moving baby,” Maroney wrote alongside her most recent photo.

McKayla Maroney Living Her Best Life as an Instagram Model

Even though she retired from professional gymnastics in 2016, McKayla Maroney has more than enough on her plate to stay busy. In fact, she has since tried her hand at various other endeavors such as acting and singing. The 2012 Olympic champion even released two singles last year during 2020.

But what exactly is her main focus today? Well, it seems it is to continue building up her profile as a social media influencer and model on Instagram. Maroney is constantly taking to her official Instagram page — where she has more than one-million followers — to try out new poses and show off outfits.

There is really no question that McKayla Maroney has been making the most of her career since retiring from gymnastics. Going from one of the top female athletes in the world to one of the top Instagram personalities is no small feat.