McKayla Maroney Shows Off in Gorgeous New Instagram Photos

by Quentin Blount

Former Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is taking to social media to let her fans and followers know that she is grateful for where she is in life.

And why wouldn’t she be? The former gymnast was a member of the American Women’s gymnastics team dubbed the “Fierce Five” during the 2012 Summer Olympics. During the event, she won a gold medal in the team and an individual silver medal in the vault event.

Maroney often takes to social media as a way to interact and connect with her fans. In addition to sharing her fitness routines, she is always spreading messages of positivity. That was once again the case on Saturday afternoon as she posted a picture of her posing for her more than one million followers on Instagram.

In the photo, the former Olympian is rocking a dark blue dress and headband. She is also wearing a striped olive green and black jacket over top. This time, along with the picture, she leaves a message of her gratefulness.

“Grateful for it all,” Maroney captions the photo.

Her many fans and followers were seemingly grateful as well. The photo has gotten nearly 40,000 likes since being posted. Fans lit up the comment section with various responses such as, “Gorgeous ❤️,” “Queen 😍😍😍,” and “So perfect and stunning!!! 😍🔥❤️”

McKayla Maroney Enjoying Life as an Instagram Influencer

Since retiring from gymnastics in 2016, the 25-year-old has been all sorts of busy, trying her hand at multiple different things. In fact, she’s been dabbling in both acting and singing. She even released two singles last year during 2020.

However, McKayla Maroney has without a doubt been enjoying her time as a social media influencer on Instagram. She is often trying out her poses on the social media platform, along with spreading positive messages to her many followers.

In fact, just earlier this week she posted another beautiful photo of herself. In it, Maroney is rocking a candy-apple red turtleneck and form-fitting jeans while posing in front of the camera. She lets the image speak for itself, simpling captioning it with “Day Dreaming.”

There’s no question that Maroney has been making a name for herself in the Instagram world. She is proving to be more of a model by the day with each post. A prime example of that would be her post on Valentine’s Day where she stuns in multiple photos of her in a red dress.