McKayla Maroney Wants Something From You in Smoldering New Photos: ‘Tell Me About It’

by Will Shepard

McKayla Maroney’s middle name might be sassy. The Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast took to Instagram to show off a new look she was proud of.

In 2012, she was arguably one of the most famous athletes in America. It seemed like she was always in the headlines, and that everyone knew her name. Even though she was an incredibly talented gymnast, you might know her from a meme.

Cameras caught her while she was making an interesting face. During a medal ceremony, McKayla Maroney was visibly unimpressed by what she was seeing. Nonetheless, it made her even more famous.

Now, though, the retired gymnast wants your opinion on an outfit she is wearing. In a series of photos she posted to her social media page, she debuted a new haircut and black dress. She was also sporting a matching handbag.

She asked her followers to, “Tell me about it.”

Mckayla Maroney Had to Have Surgery for Kidney Stones

In late March, the Olympic gymnast posted a series of photos of herself to her Instagram. She was teary-eyed in anticipation of her surgery.

But McKayla Maroney was a-ok. She was informed after she woke up that her brutally painful kidney stones had been successfully removed. Consequently, she dolled herself up, put on her best smile, and took another couple of photos for her social media story.

“Not gonna lie,” Maroney said. “I really didn’t want surgery. I was pretty sad and scared of bad possible outcomes and the pain. I’m happy it’s over. But it’s gonna be at least another week of pain with this stint then I’ll be good, I think.”

In February, Maroney was rushed to the hospital because she was enduring severe pain. She was also throwing up. These are all tell-tale symptoms of kidney stones. During the incident, she told her followers about what she was going through.

“Tuesday, I was throwing up all day, with severe pain in my back and stomach. Had to come to ER at 3 a.m. because the pain kept getting worse, and I couldn’t stop throwing up … Just got my CT scan back. I have a few kidney stones,” McKayla Maroney said.

Afterward, the talented gymnast put her followers at rest. “Home from ER. They treated me wonderful, but unfortunately, nothing has changed, just on pain management.”

Since then, McKayla Maroney has clearly been working on herself. Kidney stones are not an easy thing to do with, as anyone who has had them will happily describe.