Megan Rapinoe Flips Off Camera with Both Fingers During the ESPYs

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe made headlines on Wednesday night for what she said about Brittney Griner during the ESPYs. But what she did on the red carpet before the event was interesting in its own right.

While posing for photos, Rapinoe jokingly gave cameras double birds. Yep, she flipped them off.

Not what I would have chosen for my go-to pose, but all the power to her, I guess.

During the ESPYs, Rapinoe won the award for best play. It was a goal she scored directly off a corner kick in the United States’ third-place game in the 2021 Summer Olympics against Australia.

When Megan Rapinoe got on stage to accept her award, she opted to take the time to speak about Griner. Rather than going into detail about that goal specifically.

“BG deserves to be free. She’s being held as a political prisoner, obviously,” she said during the ESPN event. “Every time we see her face, every time we say her name, every time it’s on social media, every time we say it in interviews. It puts pressure on everybody – the administration, Russia, Putin. It lets BG know we love her, we miss her and that we’re thinking about her all the time. We’re doing every single thing we can to get her out. That’s honestly the most important thing.”

Griner currently faces up to 10 years in prison under the charge of “large-scale transportation of drugs.” The 31-year-old was arrested at Sheremetyevo International Airport on February 17 with vaporizer cartridges in her luggage.

Megan Rapinoe Shows Middle Fingers, Griner Gets Mural in D.C.

This week in Washington D.C., an artist named Isaac Campbell put up a 15-foot tall mural of Brittney Griner and other “wrongfully detained” Americans.

Photos of the 18 people on the mural were provided by loved ones in the Bring Our Families Home campaign. The non-profit is dedicated to returning 64 known hostages from overseas back to the United States.

Once Campbell received all the photos, he enlarged and printed them onto paper. After that, he affixed the photos to the wall using flour, water and sugar. It created a non-toxic, biodegradable glue. He says it took eight hours to construct.