WATCH: Memphis Grizzlies Star Ja Morant Shocks Restaurant Waitress With $500 Tip

by Patrick Norton

In the three years since his entry into the NBA, Ja Morant has seen a meteoric rise to stardom. The growing legend of Morant doesn’t stop on the court, either. The 2020 NBA Rookie of the Year is getting all sorts of love on social media after his recent random act of kindness went viral on Tuesday.

Morant – with friends present – tips a waitress at a diner $500. The stunned food-service worker musters up the courage to ask the 22-year-old his identity, but Morant plays it cool. When he mentions he plays basketball, the waitress asks, “Can you go to the NBA?”

The athletically-gifted point guard responds, “I’m already in the NBA.” The rest of the video captures the back-and-forth between the grateful waitress and NBA star. At the end of the clip, she runs off screen – forgetting the check on the table – in a state of pure elation.

Morant’s act of kindness is a familiar sight. Depicting the 22-year-old’s everyday life, a docu-series on YouTube follows the basketball player’s mission to pay forward the good grace he has received. Episode 3 – titled God is the greatest – focuses on Morant’s affinity to complete good deeds.

Ja Morant’s Rise Places Him Amongst Tremendous Company

Morant’s stardom is only just leaving the station. Already the winner of the 2020 NBA Rookie of the Year, the guard added to his trophy case this season, winning the league’s 2022 Comeback Player of the Year award. The youngster jumped from 19.1 points per game to churning out 27.4 this season. Morant’s leadership and talent brought mammoth success to Memphis.

The Grizzlies finished second in the Western Conference behind only the Phoenix Suns. The dominant reign for Memphis came crashing upon the devastating loss of Morant for the remainder of the playoffs due to an injury sustained in Game 3 of the conference semifinals against Golden State. Memphis lost the game by 30 points, and eventually the series in six games.

However, the guard showed flashes of pure excellence against the eventual NBA champs. Morant has solidified his ground as a premiere talent in the league, and the display of character in the diner only boosts the budding superstars likability.