Memphis University Students Erupt Into Massive Brawl at Football Game: VIDEO

by John Jamison
(Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

We’re all excited about college football coming back in full force. While football was still football with no crowds in the stadiums, it was definitely missing something. Finally, fans are returning to games in droves, and the atmospheres have been amazing to behold this weekend. Unfortunately, this weekend has also seen its fair share of fights. One specific brawl at the Memphis/Nicholls State football game saw somebody get knocked out cold.

The worst part is it didn’t even look like he wanted anything to do with the action. The fight started as most do. Words exchanged, then a shoving match, and soon thereafter, arms swinging.

There’s no telling what exactly instigated things. But it’s clear that the man in the white shirt who got shoved initially felt outnumbered. It looked like the beef was between three people at first. The guy in the bottom left of the screen shoved the white shirt, another threw a punch at him, and everyone else looked to be pulling them away from each other. Next thing you know, a guy who appeared to be trying to protect the lady between him and the white shirt took an absolute rocket of a punch to the face.

And that’s when things really escalated. Three people started throwing punches at the white shirt before he got tangled up with one and took the fight to the ground. After grappling for a few seconds, everyone was separated, and things cooled off.

Fortunately, everyone seemed alright. Well, the guy who took the worst of it was bloodied and dazed but was conscious at least. The video cuts off before we can see much of a resolution. But it’s safe to say these guys probably weren’t allowed to stick around the football game much longer.

It’s Hard to Keep Up With All of the Fights That Broke Out at Football Games This Weekend

It’s hard to tell if there’s a disproportionate number of fights at football games so far this year as opposed to two seasons ago. But what we do know is that we’re hardly even through week one of college football, and it seems like every single game has had fights to speak of.

Like this one at the Virginia Tech/UNC football game, for example. The baby blue-wearing UNC fan made an outrageously bold move by beelining up through a sea of Hokie fans to put a beating on one of them.

And how about another at the blowout of a matchup between college football powerhouse Alabama and Miami. This one is just a straight-up mess. No context whatsoever, just Florida and Alabama men working out their differences at a football game.