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Mets Fire GM After Reports He Allegedly Sent Explicit, Graphic Images to Female Reporter

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The New York Mets fired their general manager, Jared Porter after he allegedly sent explicit and unsolicited images to a female reporter.

Jared Porter Fired From Mets

According to ESPN, the manager sent these texts in 2016 that included images of an “erect, naked penis.” ESPN had obtained the text history between the two. At the time, he was with the Cubs.

The two had one brief in-person exchange in an elevator at Yankee Stadium where they had a friendly baseball-related conversation before exchanging business cards.

Porter allegedly sent 62 texts and seven photos to the reporter, all of which were left unanswered. The reporter is a foreign correspondent who was covering MLB.

He has been the New York Mets GM since December 13.

Details on the Conversation

The conversation was casual at first, reports say. At the time, Porter was the director of professional scouting with the Chicago Cubs. The woman says to have stopped responding as soon as he sent a photo of his groin area.

He continued to send messages like, “Am I annoying you?” “Why won’t you answer me beautiful?” “You’re missing out” before sending an explicit photo.

He repeatedly sent her messages despite getting no response, sources say. Some were of the hotels and restaurants he was asking her to meet him at. The last few were allegedly explicit in nature.

She then asked a player and interpreter from her country to help her craft a response. It read, “This is extremely inappropriate, very offensive, and getting out of line. Could you please stop sending offensive photos or msg.”

Porter allegedly apologized, sent a few more messages, and then stopped completely.

ESPN contacted Porter regarding the photos. He did acknowledge that he texted her, but said none of the photos were of himself. He said, “the more explicit ones are not of me. Those are like, kinda like joke-stock images.”

Now, the Mets have fired Porter. A tweet from the owner of the Mets confirmed their decision by saying, “there should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”

More Repercussions from the Incident

When the texts were originally obtained in 2017, the woman asked to keep it private in fear that her career would be jeopardized. She has left journalism but still wanted to remain anonymous in fear of responses in her home country.

“My number one motivation is I want to prevent this from happening to someone else. Obviously, he’s in a much greater position of power. I want to prevent that from happening again. The other thing is, I never really got the notion that he was truly sorry … I know in the U.S., there is a women’s empowerment movement. But in [my home country], it’s still far behind. Women get dragged through the mud if your name is associated with any type of sexual scandal. Women are the ones who get fingers pointed at them. I don’t want to go through the victimization process again. I don’t want other people to blame me,” the woman said to ESPN.

She is not currently looking to pursue legal action against Porter.

The Cubs have also responded to the incident with their former employee.

They said, “Had we been notified, we would have taken swift action as the alleged behavior is in violation of our code of conduct. While these two individuals are no longer with the organization, we take issues of sexual harassment seriously and plan to investigate the matter.”

The occurrence with Porter and other incidents were a factor in her decision to leave the industry. The woman told ESPN that she was frustrated that it was a male-dominated industry and these were things she had to deal with on more than one occasion. She said, “Why do I have to put myself through these situations to earn a living?'”