Miami Dolphins Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa Blasts Critics Ahead of 2022 Season

by Dustin Schutte

Tua Tagovailoa is sticking his fingers in his ears when it comes to the critics. The three-year NFL veteran doesn’t have time to worry about what people are saying ahead of the 2022 season.

In his first two seasons with the Miami Dolphins, Tagovailoa has enjoyed modest success. He’s compiled a 13-8 record while throwing 27 touchdowns with 15 interceptions during that span. Despite the team ending the year on the right side of the .500 mark in 2020 and 2021, it hasn’t resulted in any playoff appearances.

Miami and Tagovailoa are hoping to change that fortune this year. But it won’t happen if the former Alabama quarterback spends any time listening to those who doubt him.

“I don’t know any of those guys,” Tagovailoa said. per “If that’s what they have to say, then good for them. … They draw people for clickbait or I don’t know, whatever that is.

“If I can’t hear you, you’re not that important to me. If you’re in my circle and I can hear you, what you’re saying, obviously you’ve got to be extremely important to me. So, if I can’t hear it, then it’s probably not important.”

Tagovailoa is probably right. If the criticism isn’t coming from someone who he trusts, why bother with it? There are bigger fish to fry in Miami.

Tua Tagovailoa has Support from Receiver Tyreek Hill

One of the individuals Tua Tagovailoa should be listening to? Wide receiver Tyreek Hill. The six-time Pro Bowl selection and member of the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LIV-winning squad has all the confidence in the world in the quarterback.

“I just feel like our chemistry will get there, man,” Hill told Tagovailoa during his It Needed to be Said podcast. “It’s gonna be about 2 a.m. one night, and you’re gonna wake up. You’re gonna walk in your kitchen, and I’m gonna be washing your dishes. That’s how good our chemistry is gonna be.

“You gonna be like ‘Reek, what you doing in here?’ I’m gonna be like ‘Man, look. I’m trying to get that chemistry and that bond together. So, you know where I’m at all the time on the field, so if I run a 60-yard route and decide to turn into a comeback, I just need the ball right there. Our chemistry gonna be on point. Just believe that.”

Having a weapon like Hill on the perimeter should make Tagovailoa feel even more comfortable entering his third season with the Dolphins. And if the star receiver believes in the quarterback, what does it matter what the critics say?

Tagovailoa is best suited to keep them blocked out.