Miami Dolphins Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa Gets Heated Over Marriage News Leaking

by Dustin Schutte

Tua Tagovailoa understands that dealing with media is part of the territory in the NFL. But when reporters step across the field of play into his personal life, that’s when the Miami Dolphins quarterback gets frustrated.

Last month, Tagovailoa quietly married Annah Gore in North Carolina. The attempt to keep the big step secret didn’t go as planned, with FOX Sports Andy Slater reporting the news on Twitter.

That didn’t go over well with Tagovailoa.

“I mean, for me, I love to keep my life as private as possible and that’s what we tried to do with me, my wife, and my daily,” Tagovailoa said. “But obviously in this world that’s not how it is. It’s almost kind of disrespectful by doing that but it is what it is. Can’t do anything about it. I have a wife.

“It was very special. I don’t know how it ended up leaking it but he must’ve been waiting outside the courthouse for an entire week or something.”

Tagovailoa learned the hard way that, in the NFL, privacy doesn’t exist. He’s not a big fan of that train of thought, though.

Tua Tagovailoa Has Been Vocal Entering Year 3

Tua Tagovailoa’s recent comments about media interfering with his personal life isn’t the first time in the summer months the third-year quarterback has been vocal. He had no trouble blasting his critics earlier this offseason.

In his first two seasons in the NFL, Tagovailoa has compiled a 13-8 record while throwing 27 touchdowns with 15 interceptions. There are some critical of the former Alabama star, skeptical about his ability to take the next big step as a passer in 2022.

For Tagovailoa, those thoughts go in one ear and out the other. Actually, scratch that — he doesn’t hear them at all.

“I don’t know any of those guys,” Tagovailoa said. per “If that’s what they have to say, then good for them. … They draw people for clickbait or I don’t know, whatever that is.

“If I can’t hear you, you’re not that important to me. If you’re in my circle and I can hear you, what you’re saying, obviously you’ve got to be extremely important to me. So, if I can’t hear it, then it’s probably not important.”

We don’t know what kind of quarterback Tagovailoa will be in 2022 just yet. What we do know, though, is that he’s not putting up with anyone’s “stuff” during training camp.