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Miami Dolphins Run Over Referee While Celebrating Interception, NFL Fans Hilariously Respond

by Chris Haney
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins defense celebrated an interception against the Denver Broncos by stampeding over one of the game officials.

Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard intercepted Broncos quarterback Drew Lock’s pass in the first quarter. Following Howard’s interception, the entire defense ran down the field collectively celebrating the big play. However, Dolphins safety Clayton Fejedelem bulldozed over one of the game’s referees. Additionally, the entire team kept running past the downed official with one player even hurdling the referee as the team continued their celebration.

South Florida sports reporter Will Manso shared a clip of the defense’s celebration, which captured the stampede over the ref.

“Dolphins celebrate an INT and stampede the official,” Manso wrote in the tweet.

Dolphins Stampede Over Ref, Twitter Has a Laugh

Subsequently, the short clip started to go viral. Manso’s post has already been viewed more than 136,000 times by social media users. Thus, football fans couldn’t contain their laughter at the Dolphins defense running over the official.

Meanwhile, numerous Twitter users simply added various amounts of laughing emojis to the amusing clip.

In addition, one fan used a hilarious GIF of actual dolphins running over a paddle boarder in the ocean to make fun of the incident.

Next, another user claimed the defense may have gotten a little overexcited after the interception.

Furthermore, some fans joked that the ref deserved a blocking penalty as he got ran over.

Finally, other fans seemed genuinely concerned about the referee. Especially since the short video didn’t show what happened afterward.

Hopefully the referee is alright following the stampede of players. The ref is likely used to running into players here and there. But, it’s safe to assume the official didn’t expect an entire defense to run over him on Sunday. No one said it’s easy being a referee.