WATCH: Miami Football Fans Attempt to Tailgate Through an Actual Hurricane

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Fans of the Miami Hurricanes appear to live by the Caddyshack quote, “I don’t think the heavy stuff is coming down for a while.” That’s the only explanation as to why they’d attempt to tailgate during an actual hurricane.

Saturday, Miami fans brought out their tents and barbeque grills, hoping to enjoy the morning before the team took the field against Middle Tennessee. Heavy rains put a damper on those plans — no pun intended.

A video of Miami fans fighting the elements went viral on Saturday. It looks like everyone — and everything — got absolutely soaked while fans attempted to keep their tents and supplies from flying away.

Those aren’t exactly ideal weather conditions for the tailgate scene.

Saturday’s tailgates in Miami might’ve been ruined, but the situation in Florida is actually pretty serious. Miami-Dade County is under a state of emergency because of Tropical Storm Ian. With severe weather moving towards the state, heavy rainfall and high winds are expected to hit Florida hard in the coming days.

Hopefully, everyone in South Florida, and the rest of the state, remains safe. It’s probably best to cancel any tailgating plans for the time being, as well.

More Viral Moments from Week 4 of College Football

Miami Hurricanes fans braving the elements on Saturday aren’t alone in going viral this week. One Virginia Tech fan provided everyone with a big laugh during a Thursday night game against West Virginia.

As ESPN‘s cameras panned across Lane Stadium at the end of the third quarter, one Hokies fan gave at-home viewers the double-bird. That wasn’t the funniest part. It was when he immediately regretted his decision on live television.

Whoops! One bad decision led to instant regret on national television.

Fans can get pretty crazy in front of the cameras during college football games. This fan’s gesture wasn’t the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever seen, but you can tell that even he didn’t approve of his actions.